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Friday, May 3, 2019

3 are shot in Tabasco Video

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat form VXT

Villahermosa, Tabasco.- An armed command executes two subjects traveling aboard a compact car on 1st street of the Gaviotas Norte neighborhood. One more person is reported injured but witnesses said that they took him away. Information in progress .

This afternoon, three individuals who were traveling aboard a Ford Fiesta car plates WSB-28-74 were shot to death by unknown assailants, leaving the bodies inside the vehicle.

Graphic images below

One of the bodies was in the driver's seat, one in the right rear seat and one more, presumably traveling as a co-pilot, lying on the outside with the door open.

So far the victims are in unknown conditions, and an operation in the vicinity is being carried out to try to find the alleged perpetrators of the multihomicide, however until now there hasn’t been a report of arrests.


  1. 3 dead, one kidnapped.
    Head shots say professionals in action, protecting their hood from suspected crooks.

    1. No Prisoners!
      ALL CRIMES OF STATE, human rights organisations have no idea.

  2. 50/50 chance they will be apprehended. Some would argue the odds are slim to none for apprehensions. Depends on political reasons for any resolution in most cases. The hotter the better!

    1. Killing civilians just to show work, a crime of state,
      this time the Assassins did not even worry about planting weapons or lowering the car windas.

  3. That's it I am moving to Costa Rica.

  4. Hopefully the dead are cjng members.

  5. Damn! They blasted a pregnant woman! That's cold! Bastards...

  6. Its like a circus everyone milling around taking photos, looking at the carnage. No sign of police or emergency crews. Third world charm


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