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Friday, May 31, 2019

Jalisco: Homicides of minors is on the rise

The homicides of minors are on the rise in Jalisco. And proof of this is the case of a 14-year-old teenager who was executed early yesterday, in Colonia Alamedas de Zalatitán.

According to figures from the Executive Secretariat of the National System of Public Security (SESNSP), during the first four months of 2016 there were 15 victims, while in the same period of this year there were 40. This represents an increase of 166.6 percent.

On April 29 it was learned that the cells of organized crime are increasingly recruiting children and young people, which exposes them more to violence.

Rogelio Barba, the criminal investigative coordinator of the CUCSH (Centro Universitario de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades) said that the criminals offer to enter their ranks with the guarantee that they will not go to jail because of their age, in addition to that many of the minors have few opportunities to develop.

“I think that the high percentage that die by firearm are those who are part of organized crime, in which increasingly criminal organizations recruit more young people”, he said.

So far this year, 20 of the 40 victims of intentional homicide in minors were women, which according to the researcher, reflects that they could have more active roles in these criminal cells.

Yesterday's case occurred in Colonia Alamedas de Zalatitán, in Tonalá.

At 1:10 am gunfire was reported at the intersection of Calle Gardenia and Azalea, for which police officers came to check. They also reported that there was a person lying on the ground.

The gendarmes found a young man, about 14 years old, lying face down and dressed in a black shirt, sports pants of the same color and white tennis shoes.

Tonalá paramedics came to try to help him, but they found him with a bullet wound to the head. There was nothing they could do. They also found another impact on one hand.

A bullet casing, apparently of 9 mm caliber, was found at the scene.

The officers began looking for witnesses and learned that the killers were four individuals who escaped in a sedan car.

Initially a brother-in-law of the teenager came and identified him, although the name of the victim was not revealed.

The investigation folder 55376/2019 was integrated into the case and, at the close of this edition, no one has been apprehended.

As in the case of yesterday, 21 of the minors killed during the first four months of the year were committed with firearms.

In 2019, the murders of minors have been recurrent. OnFebruary 6 the body of a 15-year-old girl was found with signs of violence inside a van with the doors open in Colonia Polanquito, in Guadalajara.

And on April 3 a 14-year-old adolescent died in a hospital after he participated in a brawl in the Renaceres subdivision , in Tlajomulco.

On May 10 the military detained four people in a house in Etapa 11 of the Lomas del Mirador subdivision where the body of a 16-year-old boy buried in the courtyard was found.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from VXT


  1. Somebody could tell the young people to ask for help when threatened, they get killed for not obeying, but the girls mostly are victims of rape and murder not revenge from sicarios and the most hungriest for recruits are the melitary in the Guarida Nazional and the army, they do not bother too much before they just kill whoever, what about the caliber of the bullets used, BB guns or military grade, but the police never knows anything about nothing.
    say thanks to the new governor, looks like he wants HIS, quick.

  2. Those kids listen too narco corridos and think they will be the next capo but end up dead teenage sicarios
    For you cds groupies please stop with the cjng baby killers nonsense, get more creative.
    All cartels kill kids

  3. Cjng killing kids and innocents as usual.

  4. Sure seems more dangerous for young people living in Mexico than the middle east.
    The pool of recruits are dwindling from all the killings.


  5. There were the days when it was asked of parents if they knew where their children were at.
    But back then the Teachers Union leaders were not stealing all the education budget to buy themselves millions of dollar in multiple homes, apartments, residences and yatchs on the US, one trip in a chalupa in Xochimilco would do, now you should do what tried to replace La Chaky, they just stole years of future budgets that will hardly be replaced with telesecundarias. No education, no jobs, no lives. That was the Reforma educativa, these are the result.

  6. Cjng mejor conocidos como los mata-niños

  7. Cjng kills babies and kids. F the cjng.


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