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Friday, May 31, 2019

Estado de México: Tortured and bagged

The bagged bodies were discovered inside a house in Iztapalapa by agents of the Secretariat of Public Safety.

Two bagged corpses were found in a house located in the San Miguel Teotongo neighborhood of the Iztapalapa city center in Mexico City.

Agents of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of the capital found the bodies tied, beaten and tortured inside bags, after breaking into a home.

So far the sex of the bodies and the motive of the attack are unknown, so the Attorney General's Office of Mexico City is investigating the facts.


It is not the first time that an event of this magnitude has occurred in the Iztapalapa city center; It should be remembered that in August of last year the bodies of a man and a woman were also found inside bags in front of an elementary school wall.

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  1. Its not the first time that this display has occurred? These horrors committed is sweeping the country!

    This quiet and tranquil environment in Mexico has become Killing Fields.


    1. Yes E42, alot of folks are appearing dismembered. It seems possible that small time vendetta will get a person chopped up. Who really knows what these folks did wrong. But it reflects a break down of society. The vicious evil cycle that i doubt will be broken .

    2. It's so very sad. The saddest part is most Mexican citizens have no resources to fight off crime, move away, or even secure their own property. The Gov and the Narco selfishly and greedily suck the life out of the people, until they've just given up hope. So very sad.

    3. This is all the result of 12 years of PAN and PRI rule under orders to conduct the US fueled and financed war ON drugs, the US put about 36 billion dollars and Mexicans put about one million dead and disappeared, but the efficiency tells one tale, the Mexican military did most of the murdering, and the militarized police helped inmensamente to steal all the drug business they could for themselves. Proven by Edgar Veytia in Nayarit and Arturo bermudez Zurita in Veracruz general Luis Crescencio Sandoval in the military zone he bossed in Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas con los zetas. And Jesus Alberto Capella the Godson of Jorge HANK ROHN from Tijuana to Morelos and Quintana Roo, all his crimes are so innovative and never heard of, no narco was like those motherfackers ever, Capella took about 20 of his most trusted elementos from morelos to CANCUN, BECAUSE THERE IT IS ABOUT DOLLARS MORE THAN PEISOS, and time is of the essence, no time for training WHEELS...
      I hope we are not into demonizing these young victims of crime by re-victimizing and calling them murdered criminals.

    4. U are correct Obvious guy.
      However, these vendettas seem to have infected a majority of its population lately. Bags of human remains are being dispersed like human waste.


  2. Hard to know who's a true innocent. These "victims" may have made other people into corndogs.

  3. Can it be the cds hus who announced their arrival in those bags?
    Cjng did the same in jalisco two weeks ago with like 18+ Sinaloa/cholo bodies found in a house


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