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Friday, April 12, 2019

Video shows a kidnapped man freed from captors in Guanajuato

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On April 11, different media reported on the viralization of an extremely shocking video, which shows the moment when criminals leave a man they had kidnapped free.

According to the first reports, in Le贸n, Guanajuato, a security camera captured the images of an individual being left on the ground by his alleged perpetrators. The previous thing happened on the Huizache street in the colony Villa de las Flores of the entity

According to preliminary reports, the subject had been abducted  a few days earlier.

The video was shared on social networks and quickly provoked reactions among citizens, who did not believe the speed with which the wrongdoers got rid of their victim.

The recording shows how in a matter of seconds a man in a white vehicle gets down and walks towards the back of the trunk, opens it and takes out a man in a blue shirt tied to his hands and feet. Once the victim has been left, the perpetrator runs to the car and climbs to quickly flee the scene in the company of his accomplice.

The footage was taken by security cameras last Monday, and recently the video of their 'release' was shared on social networks.

On April 8, the secretary of the Government of Quer茅taro, Juan Mart铆n Granados, revealed that, according to the agency's analysis, organized crime groups operating in Guanajuato began to 'vary their criminal vocation', and have gone from theft of fuel and drug trafficking to robbery with violence and kidnapping

Undoubtedly, the violence that is experienced in some areas of the country, and especially in Guanajuato, continues to increase day by day, so that citizens expect the authorities to respond firmly to the problem of insecurity.


  1. Damm at least the tweekers did not killed him. Guess they got some maruchan and cheap sneaker money. 馃嵅 馃憻 馃拤 馃拪

  2. At least he was released. Bless him

  3. Examples of what's transpiring in other states of Mexico. What did you expect was going to happen?

    Stupid is stupid does.

  4. That's a crazy/rare video. The safe release of a kidnapped person does not happen too often in Mexico.

  5. From huachicol to kidnappers, in New white Cars, when there are so many polesias and melitary trying to control, I doubt these kidnappers were criminals, look like expert polesias Federales from some anti-kidnapping death squad, sure they got paid some pocket change.


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