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Friday, April 12, 2019

“TUN TUN" leader of dangerous gang of extortionists caught

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from Digital Guerrero 

The Federal Police arrested a presumed leader of a gang of extortionists that operates in the Kilómetro 21 community of the municipality of Acapulco and placed at the disposition of the prosecutor's office to the General of the Republic and General of the State, who will determine his legal situation.

Said person carried 60 grams of synthetic drug similar to glass, a gun and a vehicle, with a report of theft; When checking inside the car, a 9mm Browning submachine gun was found.

The spokesman for the Coordination for the Construction of Peace and Security, Roberto Álvarez Heredia, informed that the elements of the PF (Federal Police) patrolled in the aforementioned town when they detected a Nissan Sentra car, green and without license plates, whose driver tried to flee.

He added that, after a brief chase, the federal police detained Gilberto "N", 18, aka Tun Tun or Michoacano, who carried a 9mm caliber pistol.

When checking the interior of the vehicle in which it was transported, a 9mm Browning submachine gun was found, and during the detention the detainee admitted to leading a gang dedicated to extortion at Kilometer 21.

Arrested, vehicles and the two weapons were placed at the disposition of the General Prosecutor's Offices of the Republic and General of the State.


  1. I see his crime spree paid off.
    Just look at his vehicle he drives.
    Just a naive boy.

    1. And if you think that’s a dream ride you should see his house made of the most expensive twigs and rusty galvanized sheets

    2. All great things have small beginnings - Peter Senge
      - Sol Prendido

    3. Fancy weapons though. I'd like to have that browning. Self protection from multiple intruders.

  2. More like TANTARA (PENDEJO).

  3. And just like that his crime spree ended.
    TAN TAN.

  4. Lol the pocket knife tho


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