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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Sonora: Leader of narcomenudeo investigations gunned down in Hermosillo [video]

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from LopezDoriga

In Sonora , during an armed attack Aaron Guadalupe was assassinated. Gudalupe was a leader of the Ministerial Agency of Criminal Investigation , in charge of the Department of Narcomenudeo [retail drug sales]in the Operational Base of Hermosillo .

It was Tuesday at nightfall, at the intersection of Campo Verde and Américo Vespucio streets , of the Solidaridad neighborhood, where the commander was shot while traveling aboard a white RAM.

Claudia Indira Contreras Cordova , head of the State Attorney General's Office , confirmed the murder and gave her condolences to the Guadalupe family.

"The mother, wife and three children of Aaron Guadalupe, should know that we recognize that he was an element of proven effort and great vocation and commitment, and that in many cases it was his high efficiency that made the difference so that this Prosecutor's Office would render good investigations, in the effort to punish those who have done harm, and to protect men and women of good,” said the official in a statement.

Contreras Cordova added that "it remains for this Prosecutor's Office of the State the commitment to investigate and find those responsible,” and affirmed that efforts will be redoubled with an eye toward restoring tranquility in Sonora.


  1. Find and punish those responsible.


  2. Looks like Reynosa is all blocked off by the gulf cartell, are You going to run a story on it ?

  3. 4:27 Tejas born and former Mayor cabeza de cagadas de vacas now Governor has a problem with his reynosa city, let him fix it.
    As for the chief of fighting narco-menudeo, he knew narco-menudeo was not a prosecutable crime because it is all about sticking it to the poorest in any Mexican city, including hermosillo, pero ahi tenia que andar de caliente.
    --If his own compas no se lo chingaron pa sacarle mas al menudeo.

  4. Now Americans know why it is so damn hard to find a "good" cop in Mexico. Because te good ones are gunned down.
    Plata o Plomo once again.
    It is NOT because good cops do not exist.
    This also proves that if America wants to really stop consumption in the states then it MUST battle addiction before it happens as well and NOT rely solely on cutting supply.

    1. 5:25 it is not much of a secret that some Americans fueled drug trafficking in the US with reckless abandon and great intensity, since they had their beloved American Quarter in China along with the Germans and the British, all they all needed as more customers when the old ones ran out of money or ass to earn their opium.
      It did not start with Mexican pushers anywhere.
      It started with British colonizers and Independent Americans in business since the 1700`s and continues under their economic dominance of the world with China now a big partner.
      --The Opiun Wars Book may still be available, I got mine.

    2. End consumption you end demand; Period.

      This war on drug policy has had devastating effects without achievement. Education and treatment is less costly and more effective.

      When will the beurocrats see it!


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