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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Arrested Zona Divas creator-forced women into sexual exploitation

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Reforma

La Silla Rota reports Zona Divas has rebranded to “La Boutique VIP

They emigrated looking for a better life--and were murdered 

Antonio Santoyo Cervantes "El Sony", alleged creator of the extinct Zona Divas website, was linked to the crime of trafficking in persons for  sexual exploitation.

The man is imprisoned in the Reclusorio Oriente, under the precautionary measure of preventive detention, imposed in his first hearing, in which his defense requested the duplicity of the constitutional term to define his legal situation.

Santoyo Cervantes was captured by elements of the Federal Police, in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.

A victim of Venezuelan nationality [see at bottom], whom he advertised for sexual services through the portal, denounced him and a criminal proceeding against him  followed.

In a hearing to comply with the arrest warrant, the Public Prosecutor accused him of being a shareholder of the website and of bringing with him the victim's resources from Venezuela with a promise of work, and then forcing her to prostitute herself.

Being in the Country, "The Sony" moved the victim to an apartment in Colonia Nochebuena, in Benito Juárez, where five other women lived.
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Later, he took her passport and accused her of owing  travel expenses, for which, the woman was forced to work as a companion and sexual servant, in addition to taking photos to promote the website.

The money resulting from the services was confiscated by Santoyo, allegedly to pay her “debt”, from October 2012 to August 2013.


Borderland Beat posted the story of Kenny Finol, the Venezuelan escort, forced into sexual exploitation.  She was badly beaten, resulting in losing teeth, swollen face, and broken bones. She then recorded a video predicting her murder which occurred shortly after.  She told the story of promised “modeling” work in Mexico but when arriving she was forced into sex trafficking.  Photo below.


  1. These guys are worse than traffickers. Al least in the drug game, most know what they're getting into. These girls just want out of their poor destitute lives. Naive? Yes ..but no one deserves to be a sex slave. The perps should have to be "bitches" in the joint, to be passed around by the boys. Absolute scum.

    1. Some harsh words my friend. It's sad to hear defenseless people being subjected to this life. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone.
      Human trafficking for different purposes has existed for centuries.
      It's invisible and its everywhere.

      More needs to be done to stop this.

    2. 10:53 nobody knows what they are getting into until they taste the bad side, young men initiated into drugs or women deceived by some nice looking guy or some sweet talking or just because they were horny and ambitious, they Don't deserve the luck, but don't get many hopes, with the Jeffrey Epstein Case being reinvestigated there is no knowing where Blind Justice is vacationing rite now.

  2. Pero hay andaban de calientes

  3. Don't worry give Amlo time he will clean this up, even tho the Murder Rate is in all time High.

    1. Poor feeble man with words of wisdom that goes unheeded.

      Mexico is lost to corruption and America's drug epidemic.

  4. The People President he can do no wrong

  5. 6:12 true, that is the consequence of US policy of dumping their SOA graduates all over the LatinAmerican Banana Republics, now everybody wants to be a criminal.

  6. 6:12 it is hard to escape the death traps created in Honduras/el Salvador and Guatemala, the original gangsters were trained in the US franchises of the School of the Americas, then transplanted to the US who regurgitated some of the puke back to their countries to have them in the way back through Mexico.
    It is easy to fact check the facts, Google got speed now, and it is almost free, try using it.
    The French Ecole de Paris trained the original Schools of the Americas, after losing their empire in Africa, LatinAmerica, Asia, most painful loss of Argel, the French created their counterintelligence operation that believes in torturing all and murdering whoever has to be murdered in pursuit of the enemy, in Mexico the enemy is the US own friendly neighborhood narcos, Not the children or their dumb parents.

    1. @6:36
      Shut up with the “School of the America’s” line you repeat over and over. You come across as stupider than they narcos who can barely write.

      Stop with the conspiracy theories, take off your tin foil hat, finish sixth grade, and quit smearing a fine institution.


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