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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Michoacán: Municipal President of Nahuatzen Assassinated

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          The President of the Municipality of Nahuatzen was found dead after being kidnapped

The crisis in Nahuatzen goes through one of its darkest episodes: David Otlica Avilés, municipal president was found dead with signs of torture in the town of Las Mesas, in the municipality of Coeneo. During the early hours of this Tuesday, subjects kidnapped David Otlica from his home and deprived him of his life.

The dawn of this Tuesday, David Otlica Avilés was kidnapped by a group of unknown men who entered his house. The municipal president of Nahuatzen, David Otlica Avilés , was assassinated, the secretary of Government of Michoacán, Carlos Herrera Tello , confirmed on this Tuesday.

Through his official Twitter account, the official condemned the event and stated that as an authority, they will help to clarify the facts and punish the guilty parties.

"From the @GobMichoacan we condemn this event and we will cooperate in everything necessary with the @FiscaliaMich, in order to find those responsible and bring them to justice. There will be no impunity! "Was the text posted by Herrera Tello. In the same manner, he expressed his condolences to the family and friends of the municipal president of Nahuatzen.

Family members of the municipal president alerted the municipal and state authorities, who began the search that concluded with the location of the body , although at the moment no details have been given about the latter.

It was reported that Otlica Avilés held a meeting with village residents of Sevina on Monday afternoon, with whom he discussed the demands of the inhabitants of this place to achieve direct management of public resources.

According to the information of Quadratín , the night of Monday, David Otlica met with members of the Citizen Council of Sevina, communal authority with which he maintained a political conflict for the control and use of the government budget.

The members of this Citizen Council denounce the lack of legal mechanisms for the use of resources, which may lead to their irregular use.

For her part, Christian Ambriz, wife of the deceased, blamed the Nahuatzen Indigenous Citizen Council for the kidnapping of the mayor.

Coupled with this conflict, since the last elections Otlica Aviles, of PRD origin, was involved in a controversy when elected through a political party in a municipality in which part of the population is not in favor of the party system .

Indigenous Council of Nahuatzen reports aggressions:
During the afternoon of this Tuesday, Efraín Avilés Rodríguez, spokesman of the Nahuatzen Indigenous Citizens Council, reported to the Quadratín agency assaults at the headquarters of the Communal House.

Avilés Rodríguez offered an interview to this media, which had to be interrupted as a result of attacks made by workers of the same municipality.

The spokesman of the Citizen Council reported that the aggressors broke some of the council's windows, but until that moment no injured persons were registered.

In social networks circulate photos and videos of apparent clashes in the community of Nahuatzen.

Although clashes between these councils are common in the Nahuatzen area because they are recognized as traditional authorities, they have been stoked by the assassination of municipal president David Otlica Avilés.

After the meeting, he returned to his home, where he was later abducted.
                                                Happily Victorious on Election Night

Five mayors and office assistants have been assassinated in Michoacán:

According to official records, during the last three years, the mayors of Paracho, Taretan, Buenavista Tomatlán, as well as the elected mayor of that town, and now of Nahuatzen, have been murdered.

A total of five municipal presidents, including active, licensed and in charge of office, have been murdered so far in the administration of  Governor Silvano Aureoles Conejo.

(NOTE: the term Mayor and President of a Municipality are commonly interchanged in Mexico)

According to official records, during the last three years, the mayors of Paracho, Taretan, Buenavista Tomatlán , as well as the elected mayor of that town, and now of Nahuatzen, have been murdered.

On October 6, 2017, the municipal president of Paracho, Stalin Sánchez González was gunned down by heavily armed individuals who were traveling in a vehicle and surprised him outside his home located on Emiliano Zapata street in the municipal seat.

Meanwhile, on June 14, 2018, Alejandro Chávez Zavala, mayor with a license from Taretan and candidate of the National Action Party, was killed by armed men who shot him when he was carrying out proselytizing actions in the community of La Florida.

In the same way, on June 27, 2018, the person in charge of the office in the municipality of Buenavista Tomatlán, Javier Ureña González, was killed while traveling on board a private car in the town of March 18.

Ureña González had been in charge of the municipal presidency as the manager after Mayor Lorenzo Barajas applied for leave to seek re-election to the aforementioned city hall.

Likewise, on July 20, 2018, Eliseo Delgado Sánchez, elected mayor of Buenavista Tomatlán, was deprived of his life.

Delgado Sánchez, who was not yet in office, was surprised by armed men when he was in a restaurant.

Finally, on Tuesday, the body of the Nahuatzen municipal president, David Otlica Avilés, was found tied up and with signs of torture in the municipality of Coeneo after being reported as kidnapped.


  1. Who killing government officials?

  2. Tribal wars like those of the stone ages.


  3. Why be Silvano Aurioles Conejo PRD PUPPET? why be PAN?
    rubbing your political affiliations on the people's faces when they don't give a rat's ass about them is counterproductive, basic education, too late for the mayor to have any MANNERS, he dead...
    Alcalde is another word for mayor or presidente, also Edil, and in chekagah it is the MARE, with reason

  4. Accusing the comuneros may lead to the extinction of dominion of their communal lands, without conviction.
    aaand that's the goal since day 1.


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