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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Insecurity Collapses Investments in Veracruz

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: PorEsto!
                                           Insecurity collapses investments in Veracruz

Minatitlan, Veracruz, April 22  By: Sayda Chiñas Córdova

Minatitlan businessmen denounce that investments have fallen: the security situation and law enforcement is unsustainable and criminal groups of delinquency operate in freedom

The businessmen of the municipality of Minatitlán have denounced that several investments have been dropped due to insecurity problems facing the municipality and they fear that the repairs in the refinery, for the same situation.

In the same manner as the March for Peace, Minatitlán's productive sectors convened to demand the clarification of the murders of 13 people inside a party hall, the businessmen pointed out that the situation regarding security and law enforcement is unsustainable and the Delinquency groups operate in freedom.

María Eugenia Ramírez Arana, one of the people who led the march, said she requested from the state and federal governments, greater security, after the violent events that occurred last weekend.

Alberto Sánchez López, president of the regional council of security and citizen participation, pointed out that the growth of delinquency has caused many families to leave the city and close their businesses.

                                          The Third Annual March for Peace, March 2019

He noted that business chambers have noticed that there are companies that want to establish themselves in the municipality, taking advantage of their geographical location, but all have stopped, since they are afraid of being extorted or kidnapped.

"They are losing big investments, strong companies want to invest but their representatives do not want to come to mine, they do not want to sleep here and if they do, they do not meet with anyone, they do everything in secret.

He explained that businessmen and professionals in the region have to suffer extortion and the payment of a flat, but these cases are not reported as they do not believe in the work of the institutions, particularly the Justice Prosecutor of Veracruz.

Erick Jacobo Santiago Ixba, secretary of the board of directors of Canaco, (National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (CANACO SERVYTUR Veracruz) noted that they have requested several times a meeting with the prosecutor, Jorge Winckler, but he has not given them a date and the meeting has been delayed due to claims that the State government has problems.

"He only comes when there are special events but we have not had meetings with him."

He explained that in the region there are at least 2,000 files lagging behind, which have not been made by the prosecutors, that is why there is a lot of mistrust on the part of the citizens.

For his part, Jorge Alberto Hernandez Morales, president of the local Canaco, said that they have located 40 businesses that have closed for fear of being assaulted by the lack of payment of the apartment or robberies.

He explained that the other businesses have made modifications since the population only goes out to the street as necessary and only carry out activities in the morning.

"Citizens at a certain time do not go out, they make purchases in the morning, you can not live in a city with the conditions in which we are."

The board leader indicated that they fear that some investments that are proposed for the refinery area will not materialize, as they fear for the integrity of their personnel.

Just a few days ago, at the meeting of the representatives of the Economic Development Secretariat with the businessmen of the region, they were informed that 30 percent of the restaurants in that municipality had to close and those that continue to operate reduced their expenses.

José Luis Almanza Katz, president of the Association of Restaurateur Businessmen, said that in addition to the recession that the municipality is experiencing, insecurity is another factor that is impacting them, but that in all the businesses we work with the minimum number of personnel and reduced the Atention time.
He said that citizens no longer go out to dinner or have coffee after five in the afternoon, for fear of being kidnapped or witnessing some bloody event.

He said that like other cities in Southeast Veracruz, the violence has put a huge dent in the nightlife and the outlook for restaurateurs and other businesses is very adverse.


  1. So sad the people are prisoners in their own back yard.The businesses pay taxes and employ people and if they close that's terrible for the economy.The government needs to crack the whip on these criminals if they want to get their tax base back or there will be no money left even for them to take.Doubt though they will sink any money into enforcement though even at their own peril but of course they aren't thinking down the road only the next 6 years and the here and now. Sometimes you have to put out money to make money but is that foresight there?Nada.

    1. No pasa nada :(
      I don't see any avenue for Veracruz security to improve with all the oil industry there. Such a tragedy for everyone.

      I happened to see a Reuters article this morning; Illegal GOLD smuggled out of Africa to UAE ( Dubai) is up from 67 tons in 2006 to 446 Tons in 2016.
      $1.3 Billions worth up to $15.1 BILLION dollars in 2016. Unreal.

    2. It’s sad to see this....... Im a proud Mexican that was raised in the stated, I still have a lot of family in Mexico,,, Sisters uncles aunts, cousins, grand parents just recently passed away naturally of old age.... I just wanna day that I used to believe that Us Mexicans were smart..... Boy was I wrong...... one thing is to be safe involved in the drug trade business, But I think that it’s totally cowardly to extort hard honest workers, or it’s even sadder to forcefully make them get involved other wise they must face tough consequences, so now they belong to a so called group, so other rival groups now come to combat them cause they comply to the other group... in other words you’re dammed if you do, and dammed if you don’t..... they don’t have a choise to make, thanks to stupidity...... Mexicans are now the stupidest country in the world..... dickens retards.....Drug lords, please make it abounthe business and business only.... fuck all that extortion game..... Mexico needs to wake up.... the drug war was started so that Mexicans can eliminate each other.... leaving other countries (USA)to be strong......they don’t want young Mexicans crossing the border, so instead they provide weapons (fast and furious) so that they can kill each other....

    3. 12:29 having the military, Federales, and state police helping the municipales does not seem to help, send in the AutoDefensas.
      The military used the retired GAFES to be their zeta spear point to infiltrate the CDG to steal their narco-business with lies about "El Chapo is coming! El Chapo is coming!
      Now they are going at it again at a national level with General Luis Crescencio Sandoval as The Boss at a federal level, after he was in charge of the zeta territories and prison in Piedras Negras when all the zeta murdering and disappearances were going on, he must be ready with a lot of excuses and explanations again...
      Fool me twice.
      Yaqui, 5 Americans died in Africa trying to catch "some warlord" they were not private mercenaries, what are doing US military in Africa? UAE, Dubai is aligned with some malefic American enterprises, including Erik "the hiding" Prince who loves money too much and wants all the world to be at war to get his mercenary private contracts...
      Africa is wanted for all its resources, and free for white only.
      --Zembla TV has some nice reporting from Africa to you.

  2. Keep marching thing will get better in 20 years maybe sooner

  3. 9:47 state's attorney of Veracruz has been accused of being a do nothing public officer with a 2 000 pending files, there are resources, money and police officers both state and municipal who are not doing their job and are probably doing crimes, a normal thing in Veracruz.
    --AG del estado Jorge Winckler Ortiz was appointed for 9 years by PAN governor miguel angel yunes Linares the 2 years transition governor (who used to be a PRIISTA and kiss la Chaky's ass), to keep facking around in Veracruz, exactly what he has been doing, he needs to go to prison to work on his case...

  4. Cjng always killing innocents just to heat up plazas they are never able to take over.

  5. bloody hell
    that area business suffer
    standard of livin goes down
    why can't they see that
    the greed is so problematic
    lets face they don't care about moms
    sickness is palpable

    can they just leave a small town alone
    just one who deal with investment
    that goes into Mexico coiffure

    they must be wipe
    declare them terrorists
    all out war
    2 billion in budget
    all selected man for the glory of mexico be payed
    beyond doctors
    sequestered in far away
    pay so well hardcore allegiance thru psychologically profile
    trackin system
    total tech a
    not low pay
    or see you in twenty


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