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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Tabasco: 3 Women and 1 man killed in attacked

Throw Away for Borderland Beat from Proceso

VILLAHERMOSA, Tab.- Another massacre occurred Wednesday night, in the municipality of Huimanguillo, Tabasco, with three women and one man killed while traveling in a vehicle.

On March 3, a family of five members - two women, two men and a child of two years - was also executed on board a vehicle in the same municipality, adjacent to Veracruz.

Last night's multiple homicide occurred around 9:30 p.m. on the road that leads to Ejido Blasillo, Huimanguillo.

The victims were traveling aboard a white Mazda when they were intercepted by an armed group that shot them.

Hours earlier, in the morning, also in Huimanguillo, the body of a man was found with several bullets on the side of the road to the town C-25.

With the five of yesterday, there are 23 murders in Tabasco in the first six days of March, the most violent so far recorded in the state. More than half of the cases have occurred in Huimanguillo, ruled by Morena.


  1. Lots of violence in Tabasco lately. Who's fighting who there currently?

  2. Sure these killings were targeted by rival organizations.
    Sad to say its collateral damage. Despite the moral issues behind innocent civilians.

  3. 1:47 Tabasco vs #RealChilePiquin


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