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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Manta left in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon

Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat

First notification. And this message goes to the police that have relations with any cartel. Stop fucking around and supporting them. Otherwise your world will go to shit. Don’t you understand that Nuevo León belongs to CDN? Get into formation with us or your world will go to shit.

Sincerely, The Special Forces Command 


  1. Last part confusing, Del quien ?

    1. 1:04 "special forces command"
      Run from Almoloya by la zeta chorrienta and this sister the z42?

  2. Why do all these underage cholos & dope fiends keep calling themselves cringe names like 'Special Forces', 'Commandos', 'Elite Troops' e.t.c? They ain't fooling anyone.

    1. they think they R.( with their gUNS)
      att: A Observer

    2. 2:05 it is cheap, obviously,
      they learned from the best,
      their tamalero car washing bosses, comandante...

  3. Im sick and tired of these crack heads calling themselves Fuerzas Especiales . Only Gente Nueva Special Forces and Antrax Black Ops can use the title of Special Forces. Our training our experience and our commitment to el Senor Chapo And Señor Mayo makes u the deadliest soldiers

    1. Being loyal to your boss doesn't qualify you for the title special forces. Neither anyone else. That title is given to the military, for people who have fought and died for their country in WARS! A nation defending itself against a foreign enemy, country. Not drug addicts running around shooting at each other. In my opinion, using that term is stolen valor and should be a criminal offense. Drug smugglers, dealers and murderers with stolen or copied military uniforms are not special forces! Unless you are using the term "special" like special Olympics "special". That's acceptable and very fitting

  4. Mantas are getting better quality but these lames forget to spell check before printing

  5. Can someone give an estimate of how many mantas pop up every year in Mexico?
    Definitely PR campaigns to boost sales and allegiance for financial purposes.

    Curious though. Advertising is big business for those looking for new customers.

  6. By the message, they sound frustarated...”que no entienden” lol
    No, me no espeak espanish...

  7. 5:19 ven por tu medecina, sicario.
    Aqui te ponemos hasta atras, bien trolebus.
    O que, te da miedo?
    Atentamente El Mencho


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