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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Salamanca, Guanajuato: 13 killed 10 injured in La bar Playa attack

Stevectpa Borderland Beat from Zeta Tijuana

At least 13 people were killed and another 10 were injured, after a firearms attack inside the bar 'La Playa Men's Club', located on Avenida del Trabajo, in Colonia San Roque, Salamanca, Guanajuato. The events happened minutes after midnight.

According to witnesses, quoted by local media, a group of armed men opened fire with heavy caliber rifles against local customers, then fled. So far, the reason for the attack and the whereabouts of those responsible is unknown.

The facts were reported to the emergency number 911. The area was moved elements of the Single Command and military police who requested the support of Red Cross paramedics. Four ambulances arrived at the establishment.

According to local media reports, the paramedics indicated that 10 people had died on the spot, 6 injured were transported in ambulances of the Red Cross, and 4 more were transferred by their means to hospitals.

The executions occurred just a few hours after President Andrés Manuel López Obrador visited the area, and one day after Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo reported progress in matters of security for the state, due to the strategy called "Coup de Rudder".

Last Wednesday, two workers from the pipeline maintenance area of ​​Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) in Salamanca were attacked on their way to the soccer stadium in Section 24 of the oil union. One of them died in the place.

Personnel of the Single Command was notified of shots between the streets Ébano and Madero of the Bellavista neighborhood, at the height of the football stadium of the Union of Oil Workers of the Mexican Republic (STPRM), section 24.

Upon arrival, police found two men lying on the floor outside the stadium, with several bullet wounds and around numerous casings.

Both men were about to enter the stadium, when they were intercepted by armed people traveling in a gray truck, who shot them and then fled the scene.

The man who died was Juan Pablo Orozco, while the injured was identified as Rafael López Belman, both active workers of Pemex in the area of ​​pipeline maintenance.

That same day, the Federal Police (PF) located up to three clandestine hydrocarbon connections in a single route of a few kilometers, between Irapuato and Silao, which were functioning, without closing.

Salamanca is located 36.8 kilometers away from the community of Santa Rosa de Lima, where hundreds of elements of the state and federal forces carry out an operation to combat the "huachicol", which has lasted several days


  1. While the deaths & injuries of all the people involved are very tragic, everyone keeps talking about this as if it's some shocking unprecedented act of violence.

    Did they forget when the Zetas killed nearly 200 at San Fernando back in 2011?

  2. exept in wasnt a "bar" it was a topless prostitution congal. anyways the beheaders are still out there. but everyone is to blame here. even PEJE.

  3. The most important part is BEATRIX RAZO's foto,
    and Twitter address, thanks.

  4. Cjng killing innocents to heat the plaza for 🔨
    Its hammer time!

  5. Cjng is exterminating marro's people

    1. Sure they are, if Marro's people are innocent civilians.


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