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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Guanajuato: Explosive device found in Santa Rosa de Lima

Throw Away Borderland Beat from ElSolMexico

Villagrán, Guanajuato.- The hunt for the capture of Antonio Yépez "El Marro" continues, during a search federal forces secured an explosive inside a building in Santa Rosa de Lima.

The operation was carried out at the address located on San Juan Street, Leandro Valle corner after a report that the authorities received about the existence of the device.

After maneuvers of officers, a kilo of explosives was secured with a remote detonator.

State Security spokeswoman Sophia Huett López commented on the conduct of the operation by elements of the Army and the Navy, together with the Public Security Forces of the State, although at that time the finding had not been confirmed.

Subsequently, through social networks, Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo confirmed the finding of said explosive, but it was not confirmed what it consists of.


  1. latest I heard from an oil ejecutivo linked to a family member it seems like AMLO is going easy on CJNG as long as they pull out of the oil theft business or atleast retrieve their attacks. The focus is on Marro now they’re using him as the scapegoat for this oil theft thing. He is the face of oil theft and AMLO wants him behind bars. Notice How late last year the marina was going hard after mencho and now it’s been 3 months and nothing.

    1. 129 they we're late, and had to act fast, or they would have lost yearly funding from the USA, the Marina's did lot of drugs busts, but hardly a shootout, and no arrests at those sites.
      El Perin de Tamp.

  2. Probably planted on purpose tbh

  3. Would it be wrong to say Los Cuinis our the puppet masters of CJNG?

    1. They are one and the same. CJNG is just the armed wing and popular face of Los Cuinis clan.

  4. Planted by the Mexican melitary, ees all.


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