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Monday, March 11, 2019

Judge orders Union leader released, new arrest warrant issued after his release

Throw Away for Borderland Beat from diariomexico

Mexico City.- Attorney General of Justice of Mexico City, Ernestina Godoy Ramos, confirmed that yesterday an arrest warrant was obtained against "El Alexis" for the murder of a woman.

This comes after a federal judge released him on March 6 for lack of evidence.

"El Alexis" has been pointed to by the authorities as one of the leaders of the criminal group known as La Unión de Tepito.

"They gave us the arrest warrant yesterday, and we are going to try to execute it," "it came a little late," he said in an interview at the end of the swearing in ceremony for officers of the Secretariat of Public Safety (SSC).


  1. Mexico is notorious for catching and releasing culprits.
    Great job idiotas. How can one suppress violence if you release these individuals?

    What law school did they receive their degrees?

    1. Plato o Pluma escuela

    2. If you have money and connections you will always get a slap on the wrist or released with no prosecution. Happens worldwide not just Mexico.

    3. 4:40 Escuela De Las Americas...
      Well, at least the leadership and the veterans,
      Hit destabilize and drives down the price of the target assets, according to The Memoirs of an Economic Hit Man, by John Hopkins
      Read before adjudicating blame and selling your country cheap, Banana Republics have never redeemed the broke assed either...

    4. Well well you have answered part of your own question. If the judge got a suitcase full of money, to release the criminal. Then he does that , takes out his stamp " caso cerrado", and he is set free. Welcome to Mexico.

  2. The Secretariat of Public Security, SSP is the federal agency genarco garcia luna used to run to conduct kidnappings for ransom, spying on citizens and murder his own commanders to leave no witnesses of his criminal life at the shade of powerful government positions, please somebody tell me the same crooks that have worked there for years did not just get promoted to keep up with their way of life...
    States SSP are also notorious murderers, extorters and kidnappers supervised and shaken down by the Federales, now including 'Mando Unico'.
    This SSP xochimilcas need a lot of investigating, more than fugitive naco "el Alexis".

    1. I have no reason to doubt your accusations. So if Mexico does not deal with this problem... it is totally doomed to more of the same and ultimately a violent collapse. Given what I foresee, the USA will need a militarized Wall when the "caca hits the fan."

  3. In Mexico you can become a doctor in less than 5 years with no residency or fellowship. No training. That’s why the doctors prescribe 2 weeks of antibiotic injections just for a small viral cold that goes away on its own after 3 days. The country has FAILED in so many ways.

    1. You comment is FALSE. It is equivalent to U.S. but greater emphasis on actual hands on training. ending with residency in poverty areas-assigned not chosen called social medicine

      Mexico, medical school takes between 4-5 years plus 2 years of internship and “social service” practical training.

    2. 1:07 Medical Schools in Mexico used to be rigorous and free, and you had to compete to get accepted, graduates were not loaded with debt that required robbing and stealing from insurance companies and the government agencies just to get by.
      It degenerated into cadets getting raped in the Military Medical Schools "to make them quit", also in corruption in the Social Security and in privatizers trying to hijack and steal health care from the Mexican people because they say so,
      (along with Para-Estatales, education, commerce, farming, energy generation, mining and oil production, and banks) just like in experiment from the 80's EL Salvador/Honduras...

  4. In Mexico, Medical School Is free and subsidized by the state, if you are good too and get scholarships to foreign countries to specialize, you can further your specialty with good pay in mexico until you get stolen from the country by big foreign money.


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