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Monday, March 11, 2019

Chihuahua:: Police commander killed during 50 gunmen ambush in Gómez Farías

Throw Away for Borderland Beat from ElSol

Elements of the Military Police, National Gendarmerie, as well as the Federal Police, together with the state corporations and the support of the Falcon 1, arrived around 1 in the afternoon to the municipality of Gómez Farías and its surroundings to search for  the murderers of three state police officers who died during an ambush two hours earlier.

There are hundreds of federal, state and military agents who intervened throughout the northwest region of the state, they have identified the criminal group that carried out the attack, although the authorities have not wanted to issue an official version on the matter.

The mayor Maru Campos Galván authorized the departure of the helicopter of the Municipal Police Halcón 1, which arrived in a matter of minutes to Gómez Farías; FGE and ETUC agents approached him in order to direct the operation by air and land.

 The first reports indicate that the gunmen, after the armed fray, fled towards the agricultural fields through different gaps that connect hem with other municipalities.

It has been reported that at least 50 gunmen were involved in the attack traveling in Ram, Chevrolet and Cadillac trucks, all of newer models.


  1. Looking like almost every town has law enforcement issues in Mexico!
    A society that embraces cultural criminality and ignorance.

    You have a lot on your plate AMLO to rid such disobedience and stupidity.

    1. And tell me what U.S. barrio doesn't have the same issues either ...time to wake up raza.

    2. What!! you think its any better living in a country that has clueless citizens never questioning what our government does over seas or what they put in foods and pharmaceutical industry getting away with murders every year . Mexico might have a corruption problem but united states has never issued a fight or a debate against corruption lol because they are corrupt to the purest form main reason why they never use that term "corruption" you are seriously a clueless individual if you really think all the problems come from mexico or other foreign countries . Well your Yankees did enter illegally or invade certain countries so what is happening in the united states with its opioid epidemic is just another way of god saying its UNITED STATES TURN TO SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES TO ALL CONSUMERS AND ITS GOVERNMENT

    3. Always funny to see mexicans get so upset & butt hurt when someone says something negative about their society or their country. Truth hurts!!!

    4. @6:14:

      Whoa, calm down Tonto...don't ever disrespect our elite citizens overseas protecting our beautiful America. Say what you will, but you sound kinda drunk and otherwise overly opinionated. You see Trump is informing us clueless citizens. It's not my fault or any other Americans fault that YOU cannot read between the lines of fake news

    5. Elite, please haha they couldnt end the Taliban or Isis haha i know a lot of the elites you talk of joining up la Linea and CDS i know of a few sheriffs in the states that protect them too ELITE lol your pathetic

    6. holy christ
      to say usa have same
      issue as mexico
      my god
      do you see mexico wanna build wall
      do u see usa
      you have a crisis
      wake up flava flav

      one day i woke up
      look at mexico city population
      holy firestorm

      automati0n my friend

      the shrinkage
      will affect place with higher population
      all cute now
      more than wall be needed 16 yrs
      America have issue
      we all do
      mexico out of control
      dude driving around in armoured vehicle
      what cant u fanboys
      not see..reporting the event in theater
      ie here be cheering
      tools of DESTRUCTION another fk stick i can't comprehend

      guanjacinto cant remember name
      jan to feb
      hundred of murders
      stop the lies
      chicago comparison
      eh joke

    7. Haha a wall haa plis bro A WALL ha we have a trump cheerleader haha look at Albuqierque LA Detroit Chicago Denver Huston a lot of cities are messed up mass shooting Vegas Florida Pitsburg Columbine thanks chapo for the mass shooting. Build a 100 ft wall. Theres still tons of bricks crossing the border. Let me tell you a story of some DEA agents partying with hookers 3 kilos of coke in Florida. Or the DEA agents daughter who got caught with kilos of meth and didnt even get arrested because of daddys postion. The town where i live in ufff same shit hole dudde shot a guy for 20 bucks haha build a wall partner so you can sleep safe at night delusional idiot

    8. Your a Nazi boi haha no wonder your an idiot hahaha

  2. Wonder what cartel he belonged to

    1. 6:29 haha... And I was just getting ready to feel sorry for him.

  3. Licenciado Hurtado was jefe de la polesia estatal, but why did he got cogido with only two compas?
    "Entre menos burros mas olotes"
    May have been there to pick up his take and got shortchanged, the narcos are getting tired of the betrayals and of being sold out and getting put out of commission, hehehee

  4. It has to be the stupidest job in Mexico. I would rather wash car windows than this bs were u get sold out by your own if u dont align your self with a cartel.

  5. One police Commander vs 50 cartel members, that was pure Overkill. They dispatched halcon one, and what a coincidence, the caravans of criminals, nowhere to be found.

    1. The comander always traveled with bodyguards and the day he died they where not with him. He also left his family inside his vehicle and stood outside the it alone. This to me means he knew who the killers where and possibly expected only to talk with them. Obviously it was not the first time either. He did not expect to die either. Being a police "comander" (as well as a narco), he thought he was untouchable however and or had his business under control. He was dead wrong.

  6. Cherry pick elite latino ex-commandos from the US armed forces. Then plant a .308 sniper rifle. Target jefes. Fifty thousand dollars per successful hit. Not enough money? Raise it to $100,000. No one is immune to a thousand meter .308

    By the time the group figures out where the bullet came from the assassin is long gone, leaving only a magnesium destroyed rifle.

    Removing the veil of safety will undermine a jefe through psychological intimidation. Not even hearing the shot that kills.

    1. This is Mexico. You don’t need no James Bond shit. That shoot doesn’t work. By the time you come back down from the mountain your hut has been ransacked and your dead.

    2. You watched tooo many Hollywood movies

    3. Calm down Rambo. Let's execute drug users as well and there will not be any demand and thus no need for cartels.

    4. How did the last group of US trained/backed anti drug special forces work out?

    5. You're forgetting the point man (halcones) communicating the movement of any suspicious car via high frequency radio. Any car deemed too suspicious is followed and pulled aside and questioned to say the least. What's your next move? Helicopter? Nope too loud. Get real mcfly it's not like the movies. Even the Navy Seals into some harry situations. Combat is never cut and dry. I'm not disagreeing with you tho, however my stance would be to come in loud and obvious in a gunship and give them hell with s gatling gun. Make the situation them and the elements vs our rounds.

  7. Cjng ha keep dreamin!!! This aint michoacan or jalisco!!! 2 cartels dominate that region linea and gente nueva!!


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