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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

State of Mexico/Tecámac: Two Municipal Police Officers Executed

Oaxaqueño Borderland Beat

On Monday night, at around 20:30 hrs, two municipal policemen were shot dead while eating Tamales at a street stall. The incident happened in the municipality of Tecámac on Avenida José María Pino Suárez at the height of Calle Porfirio Díaz, situated some 25 kilometers northeast of Mexico City’s center. Reportedly, two unidentified subjects disembarked a grey Nissan Versa and directly approached the policemen. Subsequently, they shot them in the head and stripped the executed of their weapons before fleeing in the Nissan.

Oaxaqueño Analysis:

The background and motive of the attack remains unclear. However, officials do not rule out that the settling of accounts by local organized crime led to the executions. Although a criminal background goes without saying, the reason for the assault and the perpetrator’s affiliation remains open for speculation. Possible backgrounds range across the victims’ affiliation to a rival criminal group, their refuse to cooperate with their killers, or their involvement in the persecution of a criminal group (non-exhaustive list of possible motives). About two weeks ago, a notable security operation took place in Tecámac in the course of which nine people were arrested. Furthermore, drugs and weapons were confiscated. Generally speaking, the murderers’ affiliation to a local rather small-scale gang seems most likely. The fact that the executed police officers were stripped of their weapons after being shot dead supports this assumption, as such groups usually have limited weaponry (in strong contrast to powerful cartels). There are numerous of such gangs operating in Mexico City and its outskirts. As an example, a criminal group called Los Tóxicos has repeatedly been in the local news in recent time. They are operating in Tecámac and are involved in public transport robberies, extortion and the selling of drugs.


  1. Familia michoacana hit

  2. Off topic. Anything on the shootout between the army and CJNG on the libre road to Tepatitlan Jal last week, near Acatic? I heard at least 2 dead.


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