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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Mexican Congressman,"El Mijis", faces armed attack in San Luis Potosi

Throw Away for Borderland Beat-images from Pulso Online Twitter-text from Excelsior

The local deputy, Pedro Carrizales "El Mijis", suffered an armed attack on Monday afternoon in San Luis Potosí.

The vehicle he was traveling in, assigned by Congress, received several gunshot impacts on the windshield and the passenger's door.

The escort, assigned by the Public Security authorities, repelled the attack and "El Mijis" managed to take shelter in a security base.

The local Deputy who had already been threatened and even a victim of other attacks, was on a work tour in the community of Santa Rita and was ambushed on the road to Rioverde at the height of Ciudad Satélite.


  1. He gets bodyguards, but I still remember the Pena regime, promised bodyguards for reporters...I am still waiting. Chivis has 2 bodyguards.

    1. My husband and my 4.5 pound Yorkie--

    2. wait do you actually Chivis? Or is this a joke that flew over my head?

    3. Your husband is a lucky man.

    4. awww thank you, and I am a very, lucky woman--

    5. Lmao 😂 got me with your pup

    6. You cheating on me again chivis?

  2. Chivis can be funny at times, but gets to the nitty gritty, of things happening in Mexico.
    Luna Apaghta

  3. Chivis - I really hope u reside in the usa side. Mexico is very dangerous for bloggers and journalist. Hope u well chivis and your team.

  4. Well wishes Chivas :)

  5. Seems like high level hits always seem to happen in SLP ? Last time I believe it was American agent's.


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