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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Missing Mayor of Juarez Coahuila found dead

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia
        The state attorney general's office will give more information at 1 pm at a press conference.
                                                Her remains were found in Sabinas, Coahuila

UPDATE : Monday Dec 17: thanks to Chivis !!

Gabriela Kobel Lara, was shot dead by a contractor David Olivo whom she was having an affair with, confirmed by the Coahuila Attorney General.

David Olivo,  his business is a front for money laundering but closed a month ago. Supposedly he owes lots of money to Zetas. 

On Monday, December 10, during the first hours of the morning, around 5:30 am, she left her  home to meet with David.

They met somewhere in Sabinas. Subsequently, they met and went to a property of the contractor, where they had a heated discussion about the business and affair. He then killed her by shooting her and burying her body on one of his properties.

She was killed on Monday and they have the weapon used.
 LEFT:  David Olivo and his family

1 PM Press Conference : Mayor de Juárez was murdered, confirms the Attorney General of Coahuila.

By:  Nadia Betancourt and Josué Rodríguez
Sabinas, Coahuila:  Three people, among them a businessmen of the construction branch, are being detained for their presumed relationship with the disappearance of the Mayor of Juárez, Olga Gabriela Kobel .

The businessman, David N , owner of Fabricaciones Metálicas Especializadas, and two others are declaring in the delegation of the prosecutor's office of this city, for his probable participation in the deprivation of liberty of the mayor.

The businessman David 'N' took her life after an argument on a farm of his property.


In a press conference the State Attorney General , Gerardo Márquez Guevara, confirmed that the mayor Olga Gabriela Kobel was deprived of life by businessman David 'N' , who was captured along with two suspected suspects.

Elements of the General Prosecutor's Office are conducting investigations on a farm owned by the businessman, located 100 meters from the Sabinas River, to search for the remains of the mayor of Juárez.

Gabriela Kobel Lara, daughter of former mayor Sergio Kobel Romania, was reported missing on the afternoon of Monday, December 10, by her husband Carlos Alberto Chacón Madrid, also former mayor of Juárez.

Olga Gabriela Kobel, Mayor of Juárez / Photo: Special

Márquez Guevara explained that David N. deprived her of life by shooting her two or three times with a revolver between 7 and 8 in the morning, later hiding the body in the vicinity of a property owned by her.

"We are working on the precise location and identification of the body that has been indicated to us, we are carrying out the proceedings and in due course we will make the corresponding judicialization. I must say that we have some diligences that allow us to strengthen this hypothesis, which was revealed by the contractor himself who is accused of the deprivation of life of the mayor of Juarez, Coahuila. "
                  Gerardo Márquez Guevara, Attorney General of Coahuila / Photo: Vanguardia

The authorities have two testimonies of the homicide, and until now there are two people related to this event.

"One of the aspects in this investigation is the electronic devices, telephones, messages, which were run on that same day. The cell phones initially revealed the line of investigation in the sense that the mayor had left her home on her own and was  accompanied by a male, tried to divert attention from the investigation by suggesting that she had fled with a person".

Gerardo Márquez Guevara said that there is no reference to the participation of organized crime and the homicide would have been committed by a personal relationship.

"We do not have detainees because of this investigation folder; it is true (that the contractor) is subject to a different investigation folder to whom we will eventually attribute the responsibility in this fact, a qualified homicide within the next 72 hours, " he concluded.

It should be mentioned that Olga Gabriela Kobel Lara, daughter of former mayor Sergio Kobel Romania , was reported missing on the afternoon of Monday, December 10, by her husband Carlos Alberto Chacón Madrid, also former mayor of Juárez.

Elements of the Attorney General of Coahuila are conducting investigations on a farm owned by businessman David 'N' , who is related to the disappearance of the mayor of Juárez, Olga Gabriela Kobel. The property, in which human remains were found, is located 100 meters from the Sabinas River.  At least three people have been apprehended by the disappearance of Gabriela Kobel.

The authorities work in coordination with police from the three levels of government working to find their whereabouts while advancing the lines of investigation. 


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  2. I have family members in several towns of Coahuila. They say that Zetas then and CDN now; have tried to bride politicians and police commanders. Some comply while others declined the offer while others get killed.

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