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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Int'l Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio
By: Adyr  Corral

Dozens of organizations and activists from nine states, almost simultaneously, marched to demand the eradication of violence against women, justice in cases of feminicide ( murder of women , specifically) and the fight against discrimination.

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, in Mexico City, hundreds of women marched from the Monument to the Mothers to the Hemicycle to Juarez to demand equality and an end to gender violence. This day is NOV 25 Internationally.

The contingents, wearing a purple theme color, marched chanting and with  banners with slogans: " All People Men and Women  do not be indifferent, women are raped in the face of the people" and " Si Se Puedes !" ie, "Yes you can ! or  yes we can !, if  women advances no man backs down ". 

In addition, activists for the rights of women and relatives of victims of feminicide symbolically closed the offices of the PGR, in protest of their "negligence, omission and obstacles to guarantee access to justice."

The event, convened by the National Citizen Observatory of Feminicide, gathered dozens of women who denounced that they live in "the worst scenario of violence against women."

According to figures from the observatory, between 2012 and 2017 there were 12,796 murders of women, of which only 22 percent of the cases started investigations as femicide. 

In Ecatepec, State of Mexico, the inhabitants concentrated on the Casa de Morelos to march to the municipal palace and demand that the government prevent disappearances and feminicides. 

In Guerrero, for not providing results in the investigation of crimes against women, organizations against violence symbolically closed the facilities of the Office of the Prosecutor.

Also in Oaxaca a group of feminist activists and organizations marched and symbolically closed the Office of the Prosecutor and the Women's Secretariat to demand a halt to femicides, despite the fact that a gender alert was issued four months ago. 

In Torreón, Coahuila, more than 200 people including women, girls, boys and men who are part of organized groups in La Laguna marched with photographs of their murdered daughters. 

In addition, hundreds of women took to the streets of the historic center of Merida, Yucatan, to demonstrate in favor of their rights and against feminicidal violence, which this year alone claimed the lives of six women.

With a march and the conference "Being a woman in times of violence", in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women was commemorated.
They request to emit alerts:

The Plural Network of Women of Puebla called to the present and incoming state governments to collaborate to activate the Declaration of Alert of Gender in the organization. 

According to Inegi data, there were 143 violent murders against women in Puebla in 2017. In addition, out of every 100 women, at least 63 have suffered serious attacks. 

In Hidalgo, activists carried out the fifth March for the life and freedom of women to make visible the violence against them. The March started at the Monumental Clock of the capital and arrived at the Monument to Women.

The PRI, PRD and Morena parties supported their commitment to Mexican women to advance in the construction of public policies and promote the necessary legislative actions to curb gender violence. 

Also, in Toronto, Canada, various organizations of Latin women recognized that, although Canada has programs and policies to support women, there are still cases of violence against women, especially in migrants and Native/ Indigenous women. 
With information from: Lauro Galicia, Rogelio Agustín, Óscar Rodríguez, Brenda Alcalá, Alejandro Reyes and Notimex.


  1. Start in Sinaloa they are the biggest killers of women in all of mexico. Its despicable. And they have the nerve to say cds dosent kill women or innocents. Ivan Archivaldo killed a young Canadian who turned him down in a nightclub in Jalisco. That's why he went to jail. There are your cds heroes who lie about this in corridos and mantas.

    1. True, Sonora is second in femicides. A cds plaza

  2. Awareness is key to stop the butchering and treatment of all women.


  3. There should be a day for the elimination of violence against children. Many times women enable violence. Some women love violent men. Don't tell me a woman can't fight back. A pencil in the eye will stop most men. Boiling water. Poison. Children have none of these options. They can't fight. They can't run away. Unlike many women, children don't like violence directed at them. Many women get sexually aroused by a slap in the face or choking. Not children. They are the real innocents. Not women. If women are so innocent, then why do they befriend/marry imprisoned murderers and serial killers?

    1. best fucking comment. thank you James.

    2. This is how selfish and out of touch they are. If children have it better collectively, then things will become better as generations pass.

    3. I can't agree with all you've posted. But I agree that "some" women seem to get attached to violent men. I also agree that "some" women do get sexually aroused by violence.

      I have known battered and abuse women who have come very close to murdering their husbands... but did not. I have known men who as kids also plotted to kill their dad...but did not.

      Some battered and abused women explained that murdering their violent and abusive husband (mate) would create more problems because the husband as main breadwinner would mean loss of the main breadwinner and provider of needed rent, etc., etc., etc.

      In effect, they admitted to tolerating the beating and abuse than ending up on the street destitute with her children hungry and suffering many other issues. These same women also told me that complaining to the cops was a problem because it "might" make matters worse if the abuser went to jail or prison. So, "You take your abuse and beatings and just bear it... hoping he won't injure you too bad or kill you." You could say these poor women are "trapped" in situations with no happy outcome.


    4. Mothers have been marching, protesting and searching for their children for years. Numerous stories here on bb. As for women; I do believe not all are innocent. Many caught up in the drug trade, directly or indirectly. But domestic violence is a common factor and is not always as black and white ("they should just fight back!"). I've known, including my wife, women who have been in those situations in the past who have said that it was like being a prisoner. The fear and intimidation, the longing for escape. Like a prisoner, the recapture feels inevitable and punishment much more severe than if they just stay. Yes, some women like "bad boys", some like it rough. But there is a line that shouldn't be crossed. Its called consent. Now I'm no feminist. I don't buy into a lot of this garbage they are peddling nowadays. I do believe in respect and equality in most things regardless man or woman.

    5. 11:30 Chris Watts. Colorado man who butchered his pregnant wife and two small daughters. He is being inundated with love letters and nude photos of his female admirers. Some role model you are ladies.

  4. They want preferentrial treatment in my view how else do you explain that their victimization is singled out yet in reality men face violence a lot more & worse

  5. So 88.2% of homicide victims are boys and men, who's marching for them? Where's the outrage?

  6. wow... women are so convinced they are special and their lives are worth more than men.

  7. They don’t want to be discriminated against but also don’t want to be murdered/tortured just like men...I think most women do not understand what equality is. Just how a man commits statutory rape and gets 20+ years but a woman does it and only gets probation. There was a case where a woman won child support from the boy she raped.

    There is inequality, and it’s men that are facing it.

  8. Puras mujeres luchonas. Pero donde esta Paquita La del Barrio? Esta siempre apoya a todas las mujeres luchadoras. Bueno, incluso también le canta en favor a todas esas chavas a doloridas. Era para que anduviera allí entre la bola componiende les sus rollas perronas. Sea como sea. Y afuera de broma. Saludos para todas esas damas luchadoras. Mantengan se fuertes chicas. 💪🏾 - Sol Prendido


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