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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Special Op “Jaguar “ Siezes Arsenal in Petatlán, Guerrero

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Televisa

            Authorities repel aggression and secure arsenal in Petatlán, Guerrero. (SSP Guerrero)

State police, special operations group ''Jaguar'' and elements of the Mexican Army on Thursday, Nov 14 confiscated an  arsenal and detained  heavily armed civilians after repelling an attack in the municipality of Petatlán, Guerrero .

After repelling the attack, the uniformed detained ONE of the aggressors and seized firearms, chargers and cartridges for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy and Air Force, uniforms, tactical equipment, two vehicles and two motorcycles.

Through a statement, the State Public Security Secretariat reported that on Wednesday, when conducting tours in crime prevention in the vicinity of the town of La Palma towards the town of Potrerillos, police and military personnel observed two vehicles and two motorcycles in which approximately 12 armed men were traveling, who assaulted the soldiers with gunfire, at the same time as they were descending from the vehicles to try to flee.

Immediately the State Police and military personnel repelled the aggression and managed to secure the driver of a gray truck, who said to be called Omar Alonso "N" of 22 years old, originally from the state of Chihuahua; at the time of his detainment, he carried a long firearm, caliber 308.

It should be noted that during the exchange of shots the staff of both corporations was unharmed, but apparently, the other ELEVEN men escaped.

At the place were secured 3 long firearms: a gun brand Anderson Manufactuting Hebron, caliber .223mm; an AK-47 rifle, caliber 7.62x39mm and a caliber 308 rifle; 1,530 useful cartridges: 950 caliber .223mm, 180 caliber .308mm, 400 caliber 7.62x39mm. 58 chargers: 37 for rifle .223mm, 11 for rifle 7.62 x39mm and 10 for rifle 308mm; 4 ballistic plates; 4  military type shirts or jackets, with the caption "Federal Police"; 5 tactical vests and 4 trimmings with loaders.

Also, two vehicles: one Honda brand, type HR-V, model 2017, serial number 3HGRU5839H000757, license plates GMT-022-A of the state of Guanajuato, without report of theft. The second is Ford, type Edge, model 2011, series 2FMDK3JC9BBB42401, plates 284 XVE of the Federal District, this motor unit has a theft report dated October 29 of the current year; as well as two motorcycles brand Italika both without report of theft: one type Forza, model 2016, series 3SCPFTDE1G1017856 and another type Urban Work, model 2017, series 3SCPZWDE2H1006780.

Due to the above, Omar Alonso "N", firearms, loaders, cartridges, tactical equipment, vehicles and motorcycles, were transferred to the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Federal Jurisdiction in the Port of Acapulco to be made available.


  1. 2 members of the Special Operations Group Jaguar have joined Gente Nueva Special Forces.
    A lot of the sicarios were complaining that we had too many British SAS American Deltas and Israeli Mossad and not enough Mexicans ..
    Welcome to the team ! We are accepting GAFE of the High Command and Jaguar group operators. The training starts in December 17

    SICARIO 006

    1. Bro I am still waiting for the British Special Forces you promised we're coming. What's with the slowdown?

    2. I am a Raider(1st Marine Raider Battalion, MARSOC) American Marine with Mexican blood, my cousin is a member of the SEMAR unit UNOPES and participated in operation Black Swan, he has a few buddies as well nicknamed Murcielagos (maybe u have heard of this unit since u seem to know a few things about special forces units) well where can we sign up?????

      Oh any by the way good luck trying to recruit any current GAFES, since GAFES have been disbanded, it does not exist any more, Now it's the Cuerpo De Fuerzas Especiales, it is modern, better trained better equipped, it's an upgrade to the GAFES, but why rely on Soldiers when you can rely on Marines!

    3. Have you ever seen those Stolen Valor videos? Where active military and veterans expose people that pretend to be a member or former member of the armed forces?

      Well we need a sicario versión oficial Stolen Valor.

      Call it Stolen Cowardice

    4. Let me guess. Training will be at Castle Grayskull and He-Man will be your lead instructor.

    5. Could you please let us know WHERE to show up to sign up on Dec 17 ??

  2. Gee, caught 1 out of 12. None dead!

  3. Cjng putting in work

  4. Sicario 006 tell us about you SAD / CAG / CIA / Armchair / Keyboard warrior covert training in these weapons.

    On a side note here in London the Chapo case is all over the news. This story is the Trial of the decade if not century

  5. Dear who ever translates cargadores in English is magazines

    1. Thank you, I'm a real gun expert a you can tell, jaja

  6. What are you on man? I swear, you come up with the wackiest stories I’ve ever heard!!!


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