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Thursday, November 15, 2018

"El Champis" Chief of Sicarios for Los Rojos Arrested

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso

                                               The chief of sicarios of "Los Rojos" falls in Jojutla

CUERNAVACA, Morelos:  Alberto "N", known as "El Champi" , and according to authorities, who served as regional head of hitmen of the criminal group known as "Los Rojos", was arrested on Wednesday afternoon by elements of the Police of the Single Command.

According to the authorities, El Champi was arrested in the municipality of Jojutla, in a "clean" operation in which no gunshots were fired. This subject is 24 years old and served as chief of hitmen of the criminal organization headed by Santiago Mazari Hernández or Mazari Miranda, known as "El Carrete" .

"Through an operation was carried out the arrest of Alberto" N ", alias "El Champi" , 24, head of regional assassins (sic) of said criminal group, which operated mainly in the southern area of ​​the state and who he also has several arrest warrants against him because he is related in various investigative folders for high-impact crimes, "said the spokesman for Governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo, Francisco Reyes.

"El Champi " is one of the people who has caused the most violence in Morelos, according to the spokesperson. "It is considered one of the most sought after objectives because he is a person (sic) who has generated more violence in the state of Morelos."


  1. Damn el rey de morelos! Morelos has come a long way from the days or Arturo

  2. What is there to fight for in Morelos? Local drug sales and maybe some huachicol?

  3. 24? I'll think about the quality of my decision making skills and I'm just a pinche wero things seem to be escalating faster than production can support at what point are those handcuffs starting to represent peace and just "quiet" not saying it will overpower need for freedom but scales will lose grounds as time goes by better than staring down hot lead


  4. Duct tape his face, get a baseball bat and use his scumbag ass as a pinata.


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