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Thursday, November 1, 2018

"La Rana"..Wrongly imprisoned in the Iguala case, human rights organization seeks restitution

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat -from Reforma-

From the beginning, for 224 days,  he insisted it was a case of mistaken identity and he was innocent of being involved in the case of 43 missing students..

The National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH) will accompany Érick Uriel Sandoval Rodríguez until the Attorney General's Office (PGR) publicly apologizes for wrongly imprisoning him in the Ayotzinapa case.

Sandoval Rodríguez, who in his community is called "La Rana", spent 224 days in the maximum security federal prison in Durango, accused of having participated in the disappearance of the 43 normalistas.

However, the CNDH ensures that the PGR was wrong and the real involved person, who has the same nickname,  remains free.

On October 22, Sandoval Rodríguez was released, but not because the PGR recognized an error, but because a judge considered that the authority committed irregularities and affected the due process, so now the CNDH reported that it will stand by Sandoval Rodríguez until the damage has been repaired.

"Such reparation should be translated into measures of restitution, rehabilitation, compensation and satisfaction as psychological care for him and his family, financial compensation in the conduct and public apology of the PGR," the Commission said in a statement.

"The CNDH reaffirms its position that the arrest of Mr. Sandoval Rodríguez was wrong and that, therefore, he was unjustly deprived of his

freedom, for which he will provide the corresponding accompaniment in the process so that this position is recognized."

The agency revealed that the lawyers of Sandoval Rodríguez initiated a process against the PGR wo maintains its accusation despite the fact that its innocence was proved while the real impunity enjoys impunity.

Chivis Note: 

The suspect that was in search of, was named “Edgar” and also known as “La Rana” or El Güereque.

The personal characteristics referred to for the identification of La Rana such as age, the mole on the face, the scar on the wrist of the left hand, the scar or mark consistent with the use of piercing in both ears, tattoos of figures of a flame on both forearms and a frog on the upper left side of the back, among others, are not found on  Erick Uriel Sandoval Rodríguez, the man arrested.

Erick Uriel Sandoval Rodríguez in his ministerial statement,  said they confused him with Édgar Sandoval Alborrán, who is also nicknamed La Rana . In addition, he assured that on the night of September 26, 2014, he was selling drinks in Atlixtac, municipality of Cocula.

Witnesses identified Edgar from a photography lineup as a man who helped transport the 43 students, some already dead, to the dump.

Some of the witnesses also recognized Eric, not as complicit in the kidnapping and killing of the students, but as a professor of physical education who also worked at another job. 

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  1. Hope they compensate him well, it takes at lot of men, to round up and kill 43 compensinos, and after all these years, what amount of arrests not much.


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