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Friday, November 2, 2018

Four activists murdered after being chased at a fake checkpoint in Veracruz

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat -thank you BB follower-from Tribuna and La silla Rota

Mexico City.-  Four members of a vigilante group in Veracruz  were killed in an assault on the  Orizaba-Tehuacán highway .

A false checkpoint mounted so that alleged assailants could assault drivers, on Saturday, October 27.
The victims were identified as Jaime Méndez and Guadalupe Sosa, and two others who are unnamed, originally from Tehuacán, Puebla, who were part of the Facebook platform ‘Vigilantes Orizaba' , a forum  dedicated to alerting situations of risk and acts of violence in the central area of ​​Veracruz, particularly in the region known as Las Altas Montañas  [The High Mountains].

The activists traveled in their white Toyota van, with license plates from the State of Puebla, along the federal highway 150 D Orizaba-Tehuacán, of the municipality of Puebla de Chapulco,  in the town known as ' La Curva del Moño ' , on the summits of Acultzingo.

The gunmen would have ordered the vehicle to stop, however, realizing that it was a false checkpoint, they tried to accelerate to flee; the men then began to shooting, killing the four.

Relatives confirmed to La Silla Rota that Jaime and Guadalupe an two others were killed in the attack.


  1. All material things can be replaced. It makes more sense to just give up your goods and move on. Why lose your life over man made objects? I know I wouldn’t want to get robbed. But you’ve got to know when to just let go of things in order to survive. - Sol Prendido

    1. Nomas hablas por hablar ellos que van a saber que solo es un asalto pero si asi fuera coperar no garantiza la vida Murieron en el intento de fuga pero con las ganas no se quedaron que en paz descanze Un 38 o un cuerno recortado fue lo les hiso falta
      Sargento Muerte

    2. Exactly what the local & state police do. Just let things go.

  2. What a bunch of culos

  3. They we're vigilantes, we no guns, they we're aware thier lives, we're in eminent danger, they should have been packing.

  4. Simple they track
    Facebook n insta
    Livestream vigilante
    Not good
    Big white no good
    Clandestine be fine

  5. If you read article
    Recognize recognize
    They did

    Not money or jewelry
    Not wanna give up

    Fake stop to kill target
    Of citizen helpers

    Citizen for others Mexican who wanna live in fuckin peace
    Go to beach
    Kiss son n daughters
    Sayin I love you
    An it not being last time they hug or kiss free free what they want m bloody deserve
    Freedom from metal against Skin

  6. Sound like eh man if experience
    U the one manning check point

    It's only material things want..go work for it
    When they hit gas
    Maybe you can think of scared already rob enuff for that day..n let them wanna rape them properly of property with bullets..sleep you maggots
    Leech of the people
    Anon high way metal guru

    1. Sol, is this you?

    2. No. But if you listen long enough to what he has to say eventually you understand his messages. - Sol Prendido


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