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Sunday, November 4, 2018

full report:A deep look at the 2018 DEA Report, cartels, gangs, drugs, threats, busts, images and charts

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Yaqui [she did not write it she translated it, and is not responsible for content] posted a Mexican media overview version of the 2018 Drug Threat Report.  It was presented with creative liberty and partial presentation.  I like to read reports myself and encourage others to read at least those parts that interest you. This is a "go back and read more" report.  It has information, charts, images of busts, hidden stashes, cartels, prison gangs  and everything one could possibly want to know about.

This report is a good one and is as comprehensive or more than any I have ever seen.  

That said, there are still flaws.  For example the tally of overdose deaths still are combining heroin with prescription pain medications.  There needs to be a distinction.  I conducted a very unscientific poll of a dozen friends asking what the overdose numbers represented.  They all said “opioids”, ....check.  Then I asked where specifically are the opioids from?  All but one said “prescriptions”.  They were surprised to learn it included street drugs, fake pills laced with fent, heroin etc. Trump cutting back the number of pain med RX will do nothing but drive people to desperate measures.

About those street drugs.  It is Russian Roulette.  The user never knows what exactly is the compound that created the tablet.  Prince OD on tablets stamped with WATSON 853.  That is supposed to be Vicodin 10mg - acetaminophen and hydrocodone bitartrate-prescribed after his hip replacements.  What he took however were street “Vicodin” a counterfeit product laced with an ample amount of fentanyl. 

Fent is cheap, cartels began using it when illicitly manufacturing higher priced drugs such as hydrocodone.  That is the largest issue with respect to the uptick of overdoses in the U.S. [largest fent seizure in U.S. history at left]

The report does give a good breakdown of drugs, supplemented with great charts.  One chart depicts that RX hydrocodone and oxycodone has decreased in number of RX by about 20%, as the DEA places tremendous pressure on physicians to not prescribe, even with documentation such as radiology and labs to support the need.  

And this is an issue.   Prescription monitoring programs are now in all 50 states.

Sinaloa vs CJNG

The report does not say this group is number 1 and this one 2.  What it does say is Sinaloa has most territory in the U.S. but does say that CJNG advancement is rapid and wide pointing out they are a very new group opposed to Sinaloa an old group. And CJNG wasn’t even in the U.S. Until 3-4 years ago when they gained entry into Tijuana.

They also state that CJNG is now in 22 of the 32 Mexican states, 32 including the federal district, about 2/3 of Mexico.

From the report

Mexican TCOs remain the greatest criminal drug threat to the United States; no other group is currently positioned to challenge them. [ the report addresses other organized crime groups such as Asian] The Sinaloa Cartel maintains the most expansive footprint in the United States, while Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation’s (CJNG) domestic presence has significantly expanded in the past few years.

Table of contents:
Controlled Prescription Drugs 
Fentanyl and other Synthetic opioids 
New Psycho Active Drugs –NPS- 
Transnational Criminal Orgs [cartels]
Illicit Finance 
Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands 
Tribal Lands 
These are the main topics but a ton of information is provided in subtopics within the report


  1. Thank you for posting this!

    1. Thats why there trying to stop it. Its killing off the white race

  2. This is really good information. It will take a while to go through. I found the relationship between gangs and cartels, and operational structures in the U.S. very interesting. the Asian tco's relationship was new to me, including trafficking of marijuana. thank you for posting the full report.

    1. You are welcome. It isn't for the keyboard warrior it is for those who have a genuine interest in the study of the evolving mexican organized crime and drugs in the U.S.

    2. Awesome report but where is the part that says we should focus on educating people not to consume drugs in the first place?
      All I, see is worthless stats for us 'keyboard warriors" that have done nothing but encourage the same approach to criminalize suppliers and does nothing to limit demand.
      A FAILED policy like it's been said countless times before.

    3. @558 Mind you only FAILED for some (i.e. most of us), but spectacularily SUCCEESSFUL for others (the corrupt, law enforcement, banks, lawyers, prison industry, gun industry etc.)

    4. Like the Vietnam report which entailed the war was not winnable. But yet many continued to perish and government money wasted for years.

      Don't surprise me one bit. Collateral damage nothing more. While those political wheels keep turning with vested interests continuing profitable returns.

      All smoke and mirrors!

      Beautiful post 1.30 am


  3. Our country is falling apart from within. Very sad commentary on our society.

    1. Same thing happened to Rome. But at least the Romans left us a rich culture, architecture and history . The USA will only leave fast food, crony capitalism, post industrial shallow suburb architecture etc. Worst generic empire IMO.

  4. And as usual another official report making no mention of the banks complicity in the MASSIVE money laundering which the illicit drug trade requires.

  5. Where is Sacario 006, when we need him to save us, from the bloody cartels.

    1. Sicario006 is currently deep in the appalachain mountains...helping and training the hillbilly locals the best routes to get by- and what to do if confronted by the law, or any rip crews...and teaching them the proper way to use their high powered weapons ie. Ak47/50cal/and their rocket launchers..(i tried)


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