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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Wife of CJNG’s “El Misa” Executed

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso

                               "El Misa" of CJNG incarcerated at Celaya CERESO since 2016

Misael López Rodríguez's partner (or wife), "El Misa" ,  a head of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), arrested in 2016 and detained at the Celaya Social Readaption Center (Cereso), was murdered after she supposedly visited the inmate.

The events occurred around 3 o'clock in the afternoon of Thursday, Oct 11 when the woman was driving in a gray Nissan Rouge car, on Christmas Eve street in Las Flores neighborhood, in front of a gas station, and a group of subjects shot her repeatedly.  The victim died instantly from impacts on the head.    The vehicle was on the street, with the windshield shattered by bullets.

Initially, journalistic versions mentioned that she was a judge, but minutes later the State Judicial Branch sent a message to the media to clarify that this was not the case and that her staff was well, without "any atypical situation."

In that same message, the area of ​​Social Communication of the Judiciary indicated that "the woman who was killed (sic) was the wife of "Misael N" , held in Cereso de Celaya for the crime of homicide."

The part of the Attorney General's Office described that they found the victim in the driver's seat of the Nissan Rouge, with gunshot injuries to her head, several impacts on the car and long-gun caps in the place where she was left with the unit, but it did not confirm her identity.

In the vehicle, a vehicular card was found in the name of María Guadalupe Tabares, however, it was learned that the vehicle is registered in the name of another person.

Unofficially, Apro corroborated that the murdered woman was a couple with  Misael López Rodríguez, ''El Misa'', identified as a head of a cell of the CJNG, who until 2016 was in charge of drug distribution in the south of Guanajuato and also made criminal activities in Michoacán and Querétaro.   The subject then was considered a priority objective of the state authorities.

At the end of September 2016, Misael was captured in Aguascalientes, in an operation that had intelligence and tactical support from the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) and the Federal Police.


  1. Marro is paying with the same moneda michoacanos want to kill babys and woman his gone after you family if you bring them to the business people from guanatos aint no cowards like them but they have superior power and unlimited cash but marros has the loyalty and brave man something cash can't buy

    1. Relax there’s a bigger possibility that he found out she was seeing other men and had her wacked.

    2. Relax La vida no vale nada en Guanajuato guey there lames scared shitless Michoacan runs Mexico 🇲🇽 baby

  2. She knew the risks of being married to a cockroach....I do not weep for her but it is a better place without her. She was a part of it all as her husband was a mass murderer and she enjoyed the murdered victims money. Good riddance bitch!!!

  3. Senor Marro strikes again

  4. Misa must have some influence inside the Celaya jail to still be alive after a year of CJNG-Marro war—and to be so close to Los Apaseos of all places.

  5. Christmas Eve Street? Santa Claus delivered his presents via an AK 47. He and his reindeer were seen escaping via Easter Bunny Lane.

  6. Misa might of put it together..... Never know. One final look in to her eyes to see if she's telling the truth....

  7. Cjng dropping like flies tho they have numbers

  8. 6:23 hey bud killing inoccents is nothing new for cjng,they execute lil kids n difenceless women people that have nothing to do with that life style but in this case this woman had it coming cause she involved not really innocent...

  9. El Misa himself could have had her taken out if she was cheating on him concidering he is in jail??? Common practice among wives of prisoners to look for love elsewhere.
    Emma Coronel will eventually also go with some other person although only another Narco would risk his skin with her!

  10. Nissan Rogue, I think Rouge is a colorete aka lipstick.
    --Having a Judge for a wife must be good business,
    except when you fall from grace...

  11. She snitched, Mencho's wife found out when she was inside.

  12. El comandante Fiero la mando matar just like they kIlled his wife when he was in jail.they were scared of him skinning ther faces off.


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