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Saturday, October 13, 2018

10 Executions and 12 Policemen Detained in Cancun

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Riodoce

Twelve elements of the Tenth Brigade of the Military Police that arrived three days ago in Cancun to mitigate the high rates of insecurity, were arrested for scandalizing the public highway at dawn on Friday.

According to the first reports of the Municipal Tourist Police of Benito Juarez, the uniformed were arrested for administrative failures in the area of ​​Punta Cancun, where most of the clubs and bars of the hotel zone are located, published Proceso. Aristegue Noticias is reporting among the infractions the policemen were engaging in was public urination.

To avoid being arrested, they were first identified as ministerial police, and later as members of the newly arrived Military Police.  Instead of sending them to the Municipal Retention Center, the commandos of the Tourist Police called the base of the new military corporation.
Army vehicles arrived in the hotel zone and transferred the men to the facilities of the Ciudad Militar in the continental zone of the municipality of Isla Mujeres,  which is part of the metropolitan area of ​​Cancún.

The detainees are: Arturo Moisés Hernández Álvarez, 24 years old; Carlos Covarrubias Córdova, 26; Mario Beltrán Buceno, 24; Oswaldo López Ballodis, 21; Gilberto Vázquez Peralta, 28; Jordan Gómez González, 24; Olaz González Márquez, 31; Cesar Alberto Reyes Campos, 31; Marco Ruiz Velazco, 32; Víctor Manuel Ramírez Domínguez, 36; Juan Pablo Villegas Méndez, 39; and Ricardo García Olvera, 26.

Last Tuesday, the Tenth Military Police Brigade was formally presented.   In front of the Municipal Palace of Cancun, 3,200 troops staged a parade, and later President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the Ciudad Militar.

However, violence and insecurity continues in this tourist/holiday destination.

Since last Tuesday, there have been 10 executions, of which four were recorded on Thursday night in an address of the Haciendas Real del Caribe division in Region 201.

Cancún, Q. Roo  A massacre was recorded in the first minutes of this Friday, when three men and one woman were executed inside a house in Haciendas Real del Caribe, where a group of heavily armed hired assassins stormed and shot them to death, which subsequently managed to escape aboard a black Jeep Patriot truck.

The bloody event was recorded around 00:03 hours this Friday, in Region 201, Block 47, Block 3, in the Haciendas Real del Caribe division.

The first reports indicate that the victims were inside the house when a group of at least five armed men arrived and entered to execute them, the assassins shot several times at the three men and at the women whose bodies were scattered in different parts of the city. home.

Later the assassins left the house and boarded a Jeep Patriot truck, black, in which they retreated to the Avenue Leona Vicario.

Neighbors of the fractionation reported the incident to the emergency service 911, so that shortly after arrived several patrols of the Municipal Police, State Police and units of the Ministerial Police, as well as two ambulances of the Red Cross, the paramedics entered the home to value the people determining that all had already died.

The Municipal Police cordoned off the access to the building, while agents of the ministerial police were in charge of inspecting the place, moments later criminal experts arrived to process the crime scene.

The experts reviewed the address locating in a room the body of a man without life with a shot in the head and another one in the chest, of approximately 20 years of age, thin complexion, light complexion, which only wore with a black short with white stripes.

On a sofa in the part of the room was found a second lifeless body of the male sex who was identified by means of an elector's credential that he carried as Daniel Alejandro MC, 23 years old, of thin complexion, of clear complexion, mimo who wore a gray shirt, jeans and sandals, which presented, a shot in the head, another in the right armpit and one more in the neck.

The third body was placed under the table of the room, which was a person of the female sex who managed to be identified also by means of an elector's credential that he carried as Socorro CQ, approximately 35 years of age, of complexion medium, light brunette complexion, same that she wore a pink blouse with white, short black color, who presented, two shots in the right arm, two in the chest, and one in the abdomen.

Finally in the bathroom was discovered the fourth corpse corresponding to the male sex, who was known in life was called Solomon HH, about 40 years old, of robust build, light brown complexion, which wore a short yellow with blue , same that presents the following injuries, a shot in the right arm, one in the right armpit, another in the head, and one more in the left arm.

Inside the house were found 14 spent casings  caliber .40 millimeters which were marked by the experts as evidence and insured, around 02:00 hours the bodies were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo), for the necropsy of law, while the property was insured by the public prosecutor of the common jurisdiction.

Last Wednesday, a branch of Banco Banamex was assaulted in the Mundo Maya shopping center,  in Region 98, on Lopez Portillo Avenue in Cancun.

A violent assault was recorded this afternoon when three armed men entered the Bodega Aurrera located in Region 105, at the intersections of the Lakin avenues with José López Portillo.

The criminals went to one of the cashier's windows of the shopping center where at that time there were customers paying and with a weapon they threatened the cashier demanding that they give them the money from the cashier so the employee gave them the amount of 4,000 Pesos and later the assailants withdrew.

Once the thieves left the store staff, he reported the incident to the 911 emergency service, and soon after, public safety units arrived to attend the emergency.

The employee who was threatened by the assailants had to be attended by paramedics of a particular ambulance to result in a nervous breakdown, but did not need to be transferred to a hospital.

Moments later, agents of the Ministerial Police arrived who took the statement from the employee and invited the manager as well as the worker to file their corresponding complaint for the events that occurred.


  1. Seems like the army members were just partying and got out of hand. I’m sure it happens everywhere. Now the story of the people murdered should have been on separate story as this only taints the partygoers.

    1. You have a valid point and I almost did it that way, except that I was chasing down so many rabbit holes on the other miscellaneous murders I decided to run it together with the two major events. Also the dichotomy of adding all those cops, big military presence and what changed ? Nothing, sadly.

    2. In Colombia the government sponsored assassin were members of the army and earned days off work and vacations and bonuses for murdering their victims also called "Falsos Positivos" in encounters of war against drug traffickers and guerrillas the government forces later dressed in guerrilla fatigues.
      Pissing on the street and sidewalks is a normal Mexican activity specially done by military having fun after robbing a bank to party off their vacation...
      --"Military Police" getting arrested by a bunch of municipal hayseeds is unbelievable, that they did not get murdered is a miracle.

  2. Guys urinating should be the least of their concerns.

  3. Everything seems to be under control,,glad these guys are here to serve and protect......

  4. After the Cartels have totally ruined tourist safety in Cancun like they did to Acapulco then maybe they will deploy all Navy or Marines? As an American i worked there for 6 weeks for the US after graduation vacations. I talked with one of the local dealers in a Tattoo Shop, he freely told me the paid 2000$ US to keep the local police from messing with them. Obviously the Police are in the cartel pockets

    1. 9:42 OBVIOUSLY, THERE IS NO CARTEL pissing, arresting or getting arrested on this case, I red this report 6 times to make sure, try it yerself, and any street vendor that has 2 000.00 dollars better get out of town and start a life somewhere else instead of giving it to the facing police. Cancún sucks by the way.


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