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Thursday, October 4, 2018

TJ Airport: More Fentanyl, Liquid Meth and a Tiger Cub

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate

     Nearly 8,000 pills of fentanyl in were confiscated at the Tijuana Airport on September 28, 2018
                              The drug came from Sinaloa and was destined for Mexicali.

Tijuana, Baja California:  Elements of the Federal Police seized almost 8,000 pills of Fentanyl in the parcel area of ​​the Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport .

It was in the framework of the Titan Operative that the agents found six bottles that pretended to be a food supplement inside a transparent plastic bag. However, when reviewing its contents found 7, 870 blue pills of the drug known as Fentanyl.The package originated in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa and its destination was Mexicali, BC.

Yesterday , October 3, in Tijuana , Baja California ,  Elements of the Federal Police seized liquid methamphetamine at Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport .   Once again the drugs seized in the airport's parcel area and were secured in the framework of the Titan Operative.

The liquid methamphetamine was located inside a bottle with a clear and thick liquid that was inside a plastic bag in a cardboard box.

The package with 0.590 milligrams of methamphetamine was sent from Aguascalientes and was destined for Playas de Rosarito.

On Sept 26th,  Elements of the Federal Police seized three bottles that contained more than three kilos of liquid methamphetamine in a parcel company of the Industrial neighborhood.

The agents performed random inspections in the establishment when they noticed a possible point of interest in a box scanned by X-rays.

When they opened the package, they located three cylindrical bottles with a dark, crystalline liquid weighing approximately 3,374 kilos , which, when the corresponding testing was done  the substance tested positive for the synthetic drug methamphetamine. The package originated in Mexico City and its destination was this border city.

An African lion cub was secured in the parcel area of Tijuana Airport Abelardo L. Rodriguez International.

The feline was found in the framework of the Titan Operational of the Federal Police to prevent the trafficking of drugs and / or substances, illegal traffic of wildlife, as well as objects of crime.

The Federal authorities gave notice to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), whose staff performed an eye and physical examination of the lion, finding it in good condition.

However, when inspecting the official documentation, they realized that it does not comply with the requirements set out in the General Wildlife Law to protect its legal provenance. It also does not have an identification chip for wildlife specimens.

For this reason, the feline shipped from Leon, Guanajuato  to this border city, was secured and  placed at the disposal of the corresponding authorities. In all cases the drugs were secured and made available to the corresponding authorities.


  1. Can the lion cub be trained to hunt and kill Narcos?

  2. Just another wannabe bigshot who has to have an exotic animal to show off. Any arrests?
    Truly doubt that anyone was apprehended for these crimes in Mexico.
    Better yet even questioned!

    Positive note: the cub will be placed in a safe and secured wildlife sanctuary and not sold by officials to another wannabe.

    1. 1:46 the pinchis drugs sure made it home, the Mexican judiciary needs their meds and they will get them by golly!
      Leave African lions alone, feed them some politicians...

  3. Seriously, fuck the exotic animal trade... I mean, fuck the drug trade too. But the exotic animal trade is MUCH bigger then the vast majority of people realize. If you haven't seen it, go watch the documentary "Elephant in the Living Room". It's pretty shocking.


    1. Agree.
      The lack of wildlife enforcement and resources to stem the flow of protection as put many species at the brink of extinction.


    2. Hey buddy, good to see you! I hope you've been doing well! Yeah man, it's sickening to think how little we do to help protect these animals and the environments they live in. We can and should be better then that!


    3. Boys, seriously, these days it could be better to have them animals legally trafficked all over the world than hunted down for "sport" with high powered rifles on their own countries by hunting tourists from the US, at least they will be pampered until they grow big and hungry enuff to eat their owners, sincererly, and wishing you all the best, me...

    4. The cub wuz illegally trafficked into Mexico. As if Mexico gives a shit about the well being of an exotic animal...

  4. The tiger cub is innocent and beautiful, a sharp contrary to all of this other crap in the world.

  5. Those fake 30’s are everywhere. The Cartels know there is big money is pills.

    1. Tons of those Roxy 30's made of fent are killing a lot of people. One pill can be 10 times stronger than the last. They aren't made with the same care and professionalism as pills from a US pharmacy. Buyers be ware!

    2. Yeah my homie was all twisted on those...he showed em to me and I said those are just roxy 30s but apparently they were fentanyl. He had to go get proffesional help to get clean. They are all over San Diego.

    3. Pinchis drogadictos,
      son capaces de comer cagada aunque no sea azul,
      well, that's how addiction works, some just want their Mickeys to knock out and rape like a few truckloads of school girls like a train of gangbangers, make sure nobody is watching and survives to talk about it on your way to the Pizza Supreme...
      I mean, leave no witnesses behind?

    4. @8:42, obviously you are taking these fake pills. Rant much?

  6. Wow not a single person arrested.


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