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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Fuel Thieves May be Set Free with GPS Monitoring Devices

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio

Two alleged huachicoleros, ie fuel thieves,  accused by the Attorney General of the Republic of the crime of theft of hydrocarbons may face their trial in freedom , provided they pay with their own resources the cost of the geolocation bracelets that they must use to be monitored 24 hours a day.

As soon as they wear the bracelet, they will not be able to leave the State of Mexico or Mexico City and they will be prohibited from approaching any Petroleos Mexicanos pipeline or any facility where Pemex stores hydrocarbons.

This is the first time that a control judge imposes said precautionary measure on persons linked to the theft of fuel from the pipelines of Petróleos Mexicanos, ie PEMEX.
The Delegation of the Attorney General of the Republic in the State of Mexico obtained this measure against the two  accused of the crime of illegal possession of hydrocarbons. 

According to the investigation, elements of the Federal Police detained Omar "E" and Oscar "C", on the Federal Highway 1720 Mexico - Querétaro, in the direction of Mexico City, in the San Miguel de los Jagüeyes neighborhood, municipality of Huehuetoca .

When carrying out a routine inspection of a vehicle, tanker type, in which 20,271 liters of hydrocarbon , known as crude oil, were transported , the two persons could not prove their legal possession. 

For this reason, the agent of the Public Ministry of the Federation based in Naucalpan provided the evidence before a judge of control, who linked them to the process and granted the precautionary measure of placement of electronic bracelet with geolocation, paid for with the resources of the accused. , who will remain in preventive detention until the same is placed. 

The placement of electronic bracelets is already part of the Penitentiary System in the State and the accused will be monitored, in real time, 24 hours a day.


  1. Replies
    1. 2:54 ...and bullshit walks, even on water...
      Wonder who sells or rents the electronic bracelets to the Mexikin government?
      I am sure no Ayotzinapo is part of the business, they could not pay for the monitoring out of their own pockets, but they could know where to stick a clavo tanker full of Huachicol.

  2. You already know what’s going to happen.these 2 individuals will just cut that device off their leg n continue with criminal activity simple as that . That’s the good o Mexico of mine. Puro Sinaloa compas.
    Just my 2 pennies

  3. This is out of this world, while hundreds get away with fuel theft, only 2 we're caught.

    1. 6:34 Huachicoleros work for the governors like Rafael Moreno Valle or politicians like Javier Lozano, both Puebla satraps milking their political loyalties to PAN or PRI, they knew all their life whose's ass to kiss, while poles and me litany can't discover how to find the invisible Huachicolero tankers, some say you need to drag them on flour, but I think that is about people that overdo the sun tanning...
      Puebla is said to have more than 6 000 illegal taps, more than twice the next highest state, even Veracruz and Tamalipess don't have that, their politicians are more like DRUG TRAFFICKERS and assassins and mass murderers...

  4. 6:34 bankrupting PEMEX is everybody's job, but the huachicoleros are not reaping the benefits, PEMEX directors, Mexican politicians and charro leaders of the Mexican Oil Union steal millions of dollars a day from the state owned corporation, same thing happened to nationalized mining and energy corporations, and Mexican airlines and siderurgica Lazaro Cardenas now owned by Hindu Arcelor Mittal that could not fabricate a straight nail but now owns steelworks all over the world thanks to public corruption they themselves generate...


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