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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Puertecitos BC: Arms, Equipment and 700 Kilos of Drugs Seized

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Sol thank you Neal

Juan Galván / The Voice of the Border
Extra material from: Debate Thanks to Neal for the tip !

Mexicali BC:  Another hard blow to the narco was given by the Secretary of National Defense by Soldiers of the 67th Infantry Battalion, (SEDENA) who in their patrol work managed to seize more than half a ton of various drugs, weapons, vehicles and communication equipment south of San Felipe, which were hidden among thickets, in the area of ​​Puertecitos, in the municipality of Ensenada, reported the II Military Region, with an amount exceeding 1 thousand 800 million pesos.

These actions were carried out by the personnel of the 2nd Military Zone, corresponding to Tijuana and Ensenada, who were performing surveillance tasks framed in the "Operation Puertecitos", the military personnel  carried out land surveillance on a gap adjacent to the "Puertecitos-San Felipe old road", they observed 2 vehicles without people on board between the bushes, they then proceeded to make an visual inspection to said vehicles which contained arms and drugs.

The seizure was 925 plastic packages with cinnamon tape, weighing approximately 800 grams each and whose content was crystal, cocaine, heroin and fentanyl, for a total of 700 kilos of drug .

In addition to three weapons : a rifle M16 caliber 5.56x51, a carbine M1 caliber 30; a .38 super automatic caliber pistol, and six magazines for M16, a charger for M1 cabin, three chargers for .38 super caliber pistol, 835 useful cartridges of different calibers.

A gun chest, a chest for rifle chargers, a white truck with blue brand Ford F520 XLT, a Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT black color, two vehicle base radios and two ground-air radios to link with aircraft were also confiscated.

The seizure was made available to the corresponding authority to start the investigative folder.


  1. Although a drop in a bucket, a loss is still a loss.

  2. Someone will pay for this

  3. Good catch, but just like the Marina's, not a single criminal arrested. Sounds from the article, they are receiving contraband by air.

    Luna Apaghta

  4. Why would they not even leave one guard here? Anybody could have stumbled across this... so weird.

  5. This might sound like a dumb question, but how does the govt benefit from seizures like this if the cartels work for the govt and not to mention the DEA? Do they turn around and handed to a trusted drug trafficker?

    1. The waepons can be given to those municipal police, that lack good weapons.

    2. I think I read a story that the government will do this display for the media and then sell the drugs back to the cartel or sell to "their" cartel, whomever it is SEDENA in that area works for, assuming they're dirty.

  6. The drugs are crossing the gulf of California in pangas. 24' Fiberglass boats are hard to see on radar.

  7. Yeah... sounds like somebody left that there just for them. 2 vehicles without people on board between the bushes??? That's just a little gift to give the cops something to brag about. Make the population think the government is trying to do its job lol. That's just 1 out of who knows how many packages that go unnoticed! Imagine all the ones they didn't catch?!!! Shit is nothing but a circus.

  8. 2:12 That is exactly what this is. A token of appreciation for allowing the free flow of drugs guns and cash to continue unobstructed from the authorities. Give them a little something so the show can go on.


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