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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Complete list of CDG’s comandantes Metros, Escorpiones and Ciclones

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat--from MennytimesBlogSpot/ReynosaCódigoRojo

I don’t follow Tamaulipas much any longer....I do know Reynosa is one of the most dangerous cities in Tamps and in all of Mexico.  Those that follow Tamaulipas may find this intestesting:
A complete list of all the commanders in Reynosa Tamaulipas (Grupo Metros - CDG) CARTEL DEL GOLFO
Comandante Primito m-300
Comandante Mono
Comandante Raulin m-16
Comandante Nabor m-21
Comandante Mierda m-22
Comandante Mimi(autonombrado m-1)
Comandante Pollo
Comandante Izaak
Comandante Lalo Sierra m-31
Comandante Miguelin
Comandante Pezon
Comandante Garfield (Zona Centro)
Comandante Cacho M110
Comandante Bebo
Comandante Roke m-58
Comandante Homerito
Comandante Lokillo M-19 (Monterrey)
Comandante Peña M-54
Comandante M-52
Comandante R8 (Hermano de Primito)
Comandante Ranger
Comandante Kaibil
Comandante Guicho M51
Comandante Quino
Comandante Sánchez
Comandante Chivito M-73
Comandante Chocó M-90
Comandnate Tapón M-68
Comandante Pumba M-30
Comandante Gato M-23
Comandante Gael M-67
Comandante Cabeca o el Bony M-59

Ciclones y Escorpiones del CDG
click image to read


  1. Commandante "mierda"... LMAO... that one takes the cake!!

    1. I’m sure being nice just isn’t his specialty. Lmfao. - Sol Prendido

    2. LMAO, right?! I wish we would have gotten a picture.

  2. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

    -El Arrepentido de la Sierra

    1. agree...but they drop like flies so I suppose it is a pragmatic move.

      good to see you comment again. I still have the corrido you wrote in my honor on my office bulletin board!

    2. Jeez!!!!!!!!!!! Too many chiefs is a understatement! Anyone gotta clue/rough guesstimate of how many people are up under/working for a comandante of Grupo Metros for instance?

    3. Would love to read the lyrics chivis!

    4. Corrido for Chivis
      Anonymous December 1, 2014 at 11:48 AM
      Al compas del bajo sexto,
      Aqui les va este corrido,
      pero subanle todo al BASS,
      para que retumbe chingon el sonido...

      chivis se nos va del blog,
      se los digo con mucho dolor,
      porque ella nos traia,
      la narco Guerra a todo color,

      Una "viejona" maciza,
      que no le teme a nada,
      siempre nos daba buenos articulos,
      a toda la plebada

      Tu blog es el primero,
      Como este no mas no hay,
      Eso te lo decimos,
      Y tambien el Chapo Snitched Guy,

      Hasta pronto Viejona,
      Tu eres la mejor,
      Que estes bien tu y tu familia,
      Y que los cuide el Señor.

      Con esta me despido, mi chivis
      Ojala te haya gustado,
      sin leer tus articulos chingones,
      me vas a dejar frustrado

      -El Arrepentido de la Sierra

    5. You actually kept it? That's awesome...I appreciate it! Glad you came back from your mini-retirement.

      -El Arrepentido de la Sierra

  3. "Comandante Perro" was already taken.

    -Comandante Mierda

  4. Comanndante Cherry missing on the line up...did he get captured or did he get merked?


    1. He got arrested a few years ago.

    2. Comandante was captured a while back

    3. Comandante cherry that piece of shit him and comandante gama 10 decided to have an all out shootout or topon in matamoros and el cherry was killed by el comandante fili who turned on him. Comandante gama 10 also died in the shootout. Comandante fili was killed a while after. If you look it up theres a few articles written about it. Thats when cortez or el contador took matamoros over. And he is still the leader.

  5. I was about to say it's missing M-85 but then I see it is only Metros in Reynosa.

    1. Yeah where is M-85....Rio bravo?

  6. Commandante Shit is hardcore vieja escuela trained with Spetznaz and Chechnyan paramilitary death squads commander.This guy is a Zeta's biggest nightmare. He is an expert with a barret 50 cal rifle and in Capoeria martial arts which he was taught by a 1st Commando Action Battalion of the Brazilian Special Forces .

    SICARIO 006

    1. Ok that's fantastic .But the names these guys have are stupid. That was never the case back in the days when Medellin cartel and others were around. A man's AKA name is also important to how he is seeing with people that he does business .To me it's stupid .But that's just my opinion .

    2. Capoeria....lmfao!

    3. Brazilian dance fighting ay sicario006?!? Hilarious!!

      Love me some sicario006!!!

  7. Mierda that’s awesome hope they get a picture of him then will know why lol

  8. What ever happened to Comandante Marcos?

  9. How many people does a commandante have working for him more or less?

  10. Things r better in Matamoros and san Fernando

  11. Hold Up Wait up
    We must not forget
    " Comandante Panochitas "
    That's the Creme of Le Creme of Nicknames

  12. Manuel peña 1910565 is in tdcj m54

  13. El es El m54 encargado de reculitar travajadores para la jente


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