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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Gabriel Soriano, Another journalist murdered in Guerrero

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat-from Telesur-

The journalist worked as an announcer on Radio and Television, he was also a cultural promoter in Acapulco and the son of journalist Javier Soriano, Chief Information Officer of the newspaper La Jornada Guerrero.

The United Nations called it a "terrible reminder that... Mexico is one the most dangerous countries for journalists."

Journalist Gabriel Soriano was murdered this week in Guerrero, Mexico. According to the records of the United Nations, Soriano became the tenth journalist murdered this year. International human right groups, the United Nations, and the European Union have condemned Soriano’s murder.

From La Silla Rota
Gabriel Soriano, was a employee of the state news system Radio and Televisión of Guerrero (RTG), died after an attack on the press van of the company where he was being transported. Soriano worked in the technical area of ​​RTG and worked as an announcer. He was returning from the transmission of Governor Hector Astudillo's regional report, which took place yesterday at the Forum Mundo Imperial auditorium, in the Diamond Zone of Acapulco, when the van was shot. According to the authorities, the attack occurred around 8:00 pm on Wednesday at the Puerto Márquez roundabout.
The murder of Gabriel is a new terrible reminder that violence against journalists in the country does not stop, reinforcing what we already know: Mexico is one the most dangerous countries in the world for those for whom the work of informing society is their passion and profession,” UN representative in Mexico Jan Jarab said in a press release published Thursday.

Gabriel Soriano was a radio host and hip-hop artist, who worked for Radio and Television de Guerrero, a public media outlet. He was murdered Wednesday by unknown armed assailants, who attacked him while he was on the Cayaco-Puerto Marques highway.

Jarab also called on the Mexican government and authorities to guarantee a safe environment for journalists in the country. "It is urgent that the measures adopted by the authorities to guarantee the safe exercise of journalism provide tangible results. One of the main preventive measures is the fight against impunity in which most of these aggressions remain," the press release reads.

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Soriano's relatives and friends marched in Acapulco Thursday to demand justice for Soriano. "We demand the arrest of the person who ended the life of a young man who leaves orphaned children who will never see their father again and a family," a colleague said, stressing journalists live with the uncertainty of whether their friends and relatives will "come back home alive."

His daughter, Sam Soriano, demanded governor Hector Astudillo to do his job and fic the situation of rampant violence that is affecting the state of Guerrero. During Astudillo's administration, three journalists have been murdered in the state.

According to the organization Reporters on Guard, at least 65 journalists have been murdered during the administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto. On Thursday they laid the portraits of the 65 journalists in the Mexico City's Zocalo or Main Square to demand safety.

"We will continue working on the justice Mexico needs," the group tweeted Thursday.


  1. Thoughts for his family,was he saying the wrong things?So they killed him because they can,with impunity
    Its all the fault of the USA..If it wasnt for them there would be no cartels,no violence,no problems,if you believe that,i believe pigs can fly

    1. Really!? 100% of the fault of the U.S. This shit has been going on long before 1776. Think
      Hernan Cortes, Spanish Inquisition....This shit has been going on for a very long time.

    2. 1144 you might as well say it was Russias fault. lol

  2. I wish they would take these many journalist's murdered in Mexico seriously like that 1 that got murdered in the Saudi consulate in Turkey but then again maybe his death paved the way.

    1. exactly..10 this year so far

    2. Yea you are so right, newspapers are full with the Saudi guy but much more got and get killed in Mexico.
      I had such a nice day in amatitan and when checking BB I must read this.
      Shame on You hector astudillo.
      El rana Rene

    3. In the U.S., when you see news reports like the Saudi guy getting repeatedly blasted, it's a cover-up for something else going on behind the scenes.If you were to go behind any of these American talking heads on the NEWS, you'd see a Cat5 cable plugged into their backs. Robots have no souls, no empathy, no shame.

  3. I drive past that round about three to four times a day....There is always government security forces under the bridge at the round about. Be it Marines, State Police, Transito.... ect...

  4. Was I it a direct hit against the journalist or just a drive by shooting of the van? Was he specifically targeted?

  5. Had to be a specified hit.

  6. Here is a Google translation from El Sur:

    It is not known if it was a direct attack or the result of a "discussion" over a road incident, says the Security spokesperson. The victim was driving a van that distinguished it as a means of communication and had very visible the logo of the government radio station

    Acapulco, Guerrero, October 25, 2018. The radio announcer and chief technician of Radio and Television of Guerrero (RTG), Gabriel Soriano, was shot dead in the roundabout of Puerto Marqués, near the Diamante zone.

    The violent incident was reported at 8 o'clock at night at the junction that connects the scenic avenue and Las Naciones boulevard.

    The version released by the police was that RTG's truck was attacked with bullets in that section, when it came from the Mundo Imperial Convention Center, where Governor Hector Astudillo Flores gave a message for his third year in office.

    Given this situation, the announcer, who was conducting a hip hop program, got out of the truck and was attacked with bullets. He was the son of the information chief of the newspaper La Jornada Guerrero, Javier Soriano.

    According to the initial version released yesterday by personnel of the Prosecutor's Office, it seems that the cause of the attack was a discussion with another motorist who was armed.

    Paramedics from the Civil Protection Secretariat helped the victim, but he could not resist the bullet wounds and died.

    The body was next to the official RTG truck, which received two shots on one side of the driver's door, where the victim was. The vehicle was parked in the direction of the scenic avenue, with turrets lit.

    The victim was named Gabriel Soriano, who was an announcer on Sundays in a hip hop program, and was the company's technical production manager.

    According to witnesses, one hour before the crime there was an operation of the three orders of government, as part of the activity of the governor, in the roundabout of Puerto Marqués.

    In a press release, the Guerrero Coordination Group spokesman, Roberto Álvarez, reported that a report was received through the 911 emergency line of firearms detonations, which state police went to the roundabout of Puerto Marqués and found "the body of a man with a shot in the chest, therefore an operation was initiated to locate and secure the aggressors ".

    The RTG truck has two firearm impacts on the driver's side and two .9 mm caliber bushings were found in the place.

    Roberto Álvarez Heredia indicated that the State Attorney General's Office initiated the homicide investigation.

    And shortly after 11 o'clock at night, the spokesman clarified that it was not known if it was a direct attack or if it was for a "road discussion", and that the Prosecutor's Office began the investigations.

    At midnight, the news of the murder of the RTG announcer was in place nine of Twitter's national trending topic .

    Text: Copywriting / Photo: The South

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