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Saturday, October 27, 2018

200 Kilos of Cocaine Seized at Galeana NL Checkpoint

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia

Monterrey, Nuevo León.- The authorities of Nuevo Leon obtained the seizure of 200 kilos of cocaine that were transported in a trailer on highway 57 in the municipality of Galeana .

Elements of Civil Force detected the drug at the point of review of San Roberto when the heavy unit went through gamma rays that detected suspicious packages.

When proceeding to the review they located the packages that inside contained white powder with the characteristics of cocaine.

The unit with 03AD5 N circulation plates was secured while the driver identified as Aurelio (N), 47 years old, was arrested by the authorities.

When the shipment was transferred to the facilities of the Attorney General's Office, in Escobedo it was specified that the consignment consisted of 152 packages with total weight of 200 kilos with 105 grams.


  1. Somebody just lost money stuff probably going to 6th st in Austin.

    1. Land of Silk Road kingpin. Ross Ulbricht - Sol Prendido

  2. That happened to the other 300 kilos they were 500

  3. Ouch. I wonder if he was already snitched on or if they truly caught him at random. Most of the time they have a tip off and make it seem random.

  4. In the last 2 years of traveling to Mexico via land I notice x-ray machines across several checkpoints usually near toll road booths.
    Also Mexican immigration is checking travelers even when green light is issued; at the Nuevo Laredo entry.

    I wonder if these bogus checkpoints are illegal??
    All I know is that these “federales” get way with so much stuff like asking for money from Mexican and US citizens.

  5. The shipment w 4000 kilos passed through safely 20 mins

    1. More product passes through Laredo then any land port there is. NAFTA, Monterrey, the Columbia Bridge, andthe daily train from NL up to Sam Antonio has provided many safe routes to make regular deliveries to Dallas or up to Chicago where it can then be broken down and driven in cars to every single city and small town in USA; while buses and airplanes fly money north.

    2. Juárez and Tijuana move more weight than Nuevo Laredo.

      -Fact Checker

    3. 9:54. Your high! Small time dealers go to TJ to fill their car with a few oz or try and swallow and body carry while Nuevo Laredo has 3x the truck and rail traffic that Juarez and TJ have every day.
      Laredo is the largest land port in country so get it straight.
      Fact Corrector

  6. El panilo aka m-100/m-70 is snitching out cdg matamoros.

  7. What did the cocaine ever do to hurt anybody 😥 ?????


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