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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Special Forces Capture "H1" in Hidalgo

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Universal

                                                  "H1" captured, priority target in Guanajuato

NOTE: Not one source said WHICH group he is linked to.
Special forces of the state of Guanajuato captured by Francisco Javier "N", alias "El H1" , and considered the alleged head of a criminal organization who was  a priority objective for the state .

This was confirmed by personnel from the Attorney General's Office of the state , as well as detailing that the arrest that took place this past Friday is not related to the clashes that left eight dead and blockades of the highway Apaseo El Alto-Querétaro.

"In support of a complex work of police technique, the PGJE managed to establish and verify the existence of a punishable act and confirm the identity of this subject , on whom there was an arrest warrant for depriving the victim of life for reasons related to the sale of narcotics, " he added.

"El H1" is considered the alleged head of a criminal organization and as one of the main promoters of violence in the state, when he is accused of being responsible for various homicides, kidnappings, drug trafficking and extortion.

According to the authorities, the capture occurred when the alleged criminal was traveling in a dark Lincoln pick-up truck on the federal highway Pachuca-Mexico, in Hidalgo, so he was available to a control judge.

"In an operation developed by special forces of the State, one of the priority objectives of the Attorney General's Office of the State was arrested. Francisco Javier, known as 'H1', is identified as the head of a criminal group responsible for multiple events. criminals, "it was reported.

In addition, it was detailed that in the state there is an arrest warrant against the detainee for the crime of aggravated homicide of José Sebastián Macías Cavazos, originally from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, as well as appearing in cases related to crimes such as kidnapping, drug trafficking, extortion, among others.

"Francisco Javier 'N' is accused of the murder of a man whom he went to look for his home located on the Irapuato-Abasolo highway and they climbed by force into a van, threatened by the group of armed men who arrived in several other units, " he said.

The abduction of Macías Cavazos, it was added, occurred on January 20, 2017 and the next day he appeared lifeless with signs of torture and gunshot wounds in the Canal de Coria in Irapuato, authorities reported.


  1. Replies
    1. This is a copycat. The real H1 was BLO and he was killed a while back

  2. And The crack down 0n marro's crew has begun.. one more plaza for mencho

  3. Head of what organization

  4. He's either marro or mencho, anyone know?

  5. He killed many people, his group kidnapped, tortured. Give the judge a suitcase full of 💰, and will drop all charges. On the folder, he will stamp "Insufficient Evidence".

    1. No wonder I see big homes, that judges own.

  6. They are helping CNG. It's all a front.

  7. Got to be one of Marros boys,they were under the umbrella of CJNG before it kicked off,now they both talk shit about how they limpiar la plaza "for the people"

  8. Code name- Preparation H

  9. A este tacuache nomas en su rancho lo conocen. Le piratio el nombre H1 a un narco de los BLO y trai una pinche playera corriente de aeropostal. Cual jefe de plaza se va poner esas mamadas?


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