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Sunday, September 30, 2018

BCS: “El Colores” FED Jefe de Sicarios Arrested

Translated for Borderland Beat from: El Mundo

                                                  Daniel Payan Gonzalez, "El Colores"

Extra Material from: Noroeste
Daniel N ,"El Colores", chief of hitmen of the Sinaloa Cartel and of sicarios identified as the "Special Forces Dámasos " (FED), in the tourist corridor of Baja California Sur , has finally been arrested in Culiacan, Sinaloa.

"Los Colores" cell, the armed wing of Los Dámasos, have been the ones who have claimed the responsibility for murders and dismemberments a few days ago, which appeared in different points of San Jose del Cabo-Cabo San Lucas corridor in Baja California Sur.

It is indicated that this person is extremely violent and his way of operating is dismembering people from the cell or opposing cartel to instill fear, his bloodthirsty violence being compared with that of "El Toro" current leader of the CDG in Tamaulipas. "El Colores"  was arrested in Culiacán, Sinaloa;  by members of the BCS State Attorney General's Office. He is linked to the murder of two ministerial agents in February 2017. "El Colores" was airlifted yesterday from the capital of Sinaloa to La Paz, in the middle of a strong security detail.

"El Colores" Wanted and Arrested for the murder of 2 Ministerial Police Agents in San Jose del Cabo in 2017.

San Jose del Cabo, BCS :  The Attorney General of the State has confirmed the capture of Daniel "N" " El Colores" whom they identify as the material perpetrator of the armed attack that took place on February 21, 2017 in the streets of Colonia San Bernabé, where two agents of the Ministerial Police lost their lives, a third wounded managed to escape from the criminal cell that surprised them when they carried out investigative work.

According to local media reports, Daniel Payán González is linked to the double murder of the ministerial policemen Miguel Ángel Castro Romo and Luis Alberto Corrales González, aged 47 and 28, respectively.

The ministerial agents were carrying out research work in the streets of Vinoramas, between Santa Elena and Costa Azul, of Colonia San Bernabé, in San Jose del Cabo , around 2:50 pm on February 21, 2017, when hit men under the command of "El Colores"  shot the agents with assault rifles.

Since then, the BCS Prosecutor's Office initiated the investigations and released different arrest warrants against the agents' murderers, but it wasn't until September 25 that it could be completed against the presumed armed wing of the Sinaloa Cartel in Los Cabos, and one of those in charge of generating violence in the southern area of ​​the state.

Daniel N,"El Colores",  entered the Santa Anita CERESO, after being escorted by land from La Paz to San José del Cabo by a convoy from the Secretariat of the Navy and the State Police; In the next few hours he will have to give his statement before the Judge who takes up the case of the double homicide of the agents of the Attorney General's Office of the State.

The Chief of Sicarios for CDS and FED originating in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, is related to the wave of violence in 2017, where more than 400 executions took place in San José del Cabo, including two elements of the Ministerial Police, which were practically massacred when they traveled in a compact black car on the streets of San Bernabé.

A third police element managed to save his life by escaping the rain of bullets from the cell of hired assassins who hunted them while they were carrying out investigations of the executions that were taking place in colonies of San José del Cabo.

According to the report of the head of the PGJE, Daniel de La Rosa Anaya, "El Colores" was detained in Navolato, Sinaloa, and transferred by air to the state capital to later enter the CERESO of San José del Cabo.

"El Colores" could have been stopped in mid-July of 2017 when agents of the State Police faced gunshots to a criminal cell in the vicinity of the San José 78 Sports Unit, where two civilians were injured but the chief of criminal hitmen  escaped on foot and then nothing was known about his whereabouts, until this Tuesday, September 25, when the PGJE is announcing his arrest and which is related to the double murder of ministerial police.

"Los Colores" cell, the armed wing of Los Dámasos, have been the ones who have claimed responsibility for the murders and dismembered over a year ago, which appeared in different points of San Jose del Cabo-Cabo San Lucas corridor in Baja California Sur.

It has been indicated that this person is extremely violent and his way of operating is dismembering people from the cell or opposing cartel to instill fear, being compared his bloodthirsty violence with that of "El Toro" current leader of the CDG in Tamaulipas.

There were two arrest warrants for qualified homicide and attempted murder against "El Colores".

From a Mundo Digital Piece from last year during the height of the War for the Plaza:

San José del Cabo, BCS.- Although they have repeatedly stated that the wave of violence is a matter of drug traffickers, on Monday, March 27, the Plaza Chief identified as "El Colores", of the Dámaso Special Forces, FED, has asked the Municipal President Arturo de La Rosa Escalante and the BCS Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis to allow them to do "our work against those punks marranos", in clear reference to opposing bands that vie for the drug trade and drug trafficking to the States United ( the PLAZA) and that supposedly would be protected by local authorities.

In what is considered a clear declaration of war against government institutions, the Damaso Special Forces (FED) sent their message through a blanket placed at the Technical High School 14 in San José Viejo, where they had to suspend classes in fear that could be more dire actions in the area, where hours after the finding of a man executed in a home on Chiapas and Guanajuato streets.

The message of the FED occurred while in Los Cabos there were 154 civilians executed from October 2016 to March 26, 2017 in a violent fight for the Plaza in BCS. In the last hours there have been 3 executions and a foreign tourist injured during a shooting in the middle of the hotel zone of San José del Cabo. (2017)

On Sunday morning in the El Tule arroyo, between SJdelC and CSL, the executed # 152 was abandoned. In the afternoon of that same Sunday, hired killers persecuted and executed the victim #153 in the tourist heart of the municipal capital, ie La Paz , in addition to injuring a tourist who was walking. On Monday afternoon in the colony of San José Viejo, execution #154 occurred in the municipality. The deceased was identified today, was 50 years old and was originally from San José del Cabo.

And while the executions did not stop, on Monday Los Cabos woke up with a narco blanket at the Technical High School 14 in San José Viejo in which FED claimed the Plaza: 

"The Baja is worth the fight and especially Los Cabos."
“Estamos dispuestos a todo que nos van a pelar la verga Gobierno de Carlos Mendoza y Arturo de La Rosa con soldaditos y marinos, municipales, PFP, Gendarmería, Ministeriales y SEIDO. A nosotros nos van a rezar porque les vamos a llenar de cabezas toda la zona turística de Los Cabos”.

"We will paint red all of Baja Sur"
“Les vamos a pintar de rojo toda la Baja Sur, así que se nos tiene que arrodillar todo el Gobierno y permitirnos hacer nuestro trabajo contra esos pinches marranos”. Atentamente "El Colores"  FED Los Acosta.

In relation to the narco blanket that appeared on Monday at the Technical Secondary School 14, neither the Municipal Government nor the State Government have set a position on the matter, only the Attorney General of the State proceeded to withdraw it, after the Municipal Police cordoned off the area and the Ministry of Public Education decreed the suspension of classes in the educational establishment.



  1. El Toro is alrrady dead for atleast one year... there is no current CDG leader of reynosa atm as far I know

  2. Capture, torture for information and put him down.Better than his victims.Another animal

  3. He's with cjng right? I read somewhere that that cell is now working with cjng against cds

  4. Damaso's people can no longer be trusted . The only groups that are 100% CDS are Gente Nueva Special Forces and Antrax Black Ops.
    El Sr Chapo and El Sr Mayo are the commanders in cheif of the most powerful and most highley trained cartel army that has ever existed.
    RIP El Teniente Bravo
    For all my fellow hitmen out there remember Delta Force training starts on Oct 12

    SICARIO 006

    1. Your a clown,if all the bs you said was true,your fake ass would have won Mexico by now.GROW UP

    2. Orale Scario 00006 your that man.

    3. Sicario 006....with delta force training starting on the 12th, we will need to bring identification and proof that we took a physical before we sign up?? Also...which OXXO parking lot will the training be at?

    4. El Chapo couldn’t organize 2 ply toilet paper these days!

  5. Manta reads as follows:
    We are ready for everything. The government of Carlos Mendoza and Arturo De La Rosa. Along with the soldiers,Marines, Municipals, PFP, Gendarmería, Ministerial police and SEIDO will suck our cocks. You will all pray to us because we will fill the touristic zones of Los Cabo’s with human heads.
    We will paint red all of Baja South. Therefore all the government will kneel before us and allow us to do our jobs against these fucking pigs. Sincerely El Colores (Mr. Colors) F.E.D. (Special Forces) of Los Acosta’s.

    - Sol Prendido

  6. Some of these translations when you read them in English sound funny as hell. But in Spanish well they sound horrific to hear. These people aren’t fucking around in their messages. They don’t just talk about it. They actually go all out in their warfare. They are what’s called gente de arranque (people of strong action). The Americans could learn a thing or two from them when it comes to how we’re fighting our wars. - Sol Prendido

    1. Así es , Sol y muchas gracias por su trabajo y ayuda !
      These things are really sickening if you understand them.

  7. Theres only 1 Colores! Viva los Arellanos Felix

    1. Ahuevo!!! Arriva los Dioses, X's y animalitos!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cuentenlos para que vean que la Maña respalda

    2. Orale that's right the real colors

  8. Yo SICARIO 006 Can ya mob stop killing innocent women and kids please!. I don't care if crims kill each other that's life they choose, but innocent ppl no.

  9. I like coming to this website cause I speak and read English better than Spanish am a Sinaloa resident for some time now.I see people comment dumb and non sense comments.FED fell as soon as they captured chapo.Once they knew chapo wasn't going to be able to escape again the sons decide to get rid of him since he was trying to fight for the control.They lasted one month here in Culiacan there were only three shoot outs in Culiacan where one Marian died.They throw one of the damasos shooters over El Dorado.Once they caught the Leader of FED the son knew it was over Mayo send Federales To burn there ranches and gave his people a choice either you work for me now or am going to fight you also.80 percent join the rest that didn't either left Culiacan or were killed .FED is dead 💀 in Sinaloa and anywhere else.Please stop believing stories from the internet come to Mexico and learn what life is like

    1. Yes, you may be right, but did you look at the dates ? They were very active in an extremely violent war for the Plaza in BCS. Same time as La China. Shook BCS residents and tourists alike. Hundreds of murders and executions, disappearances. Thankfully, things have calmed down somewhat with their demise and these arrests. La China was horrrible too.

    2. How do you explain the videos on IG then. I seen FED very much active as of a month ago.. posted up in wearing FED hats and all... ??

  10. I thought Culiacan was on lock by the chapitas

  11. That part of town, can sleep in peace, but get ready, another one will take it's spot.

  12. Isn't torro dead?

    1. Good question. I know toro is dead. But torrro, who knows ?


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