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Monday, September 17, 2018

Mexicali Bust : 300 Liters of Liquid Meth - Plus

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate

                           Almost 300 liters of liquid methamphetamine seized in El Centinela

In addition, almost 500 liters of ammonia was also seized which is used as a precursor for the drugs manufacture.

Mexicali, Baja California.- More than 700 liters of prohibited substances were secured by elements of the Mexican Army in the security revision point of " El Centinela ".

The seizure occurred last Thursday night, when the soldiers and agents of the Federal Police carried out security checks on vehicles .

When inspecting a Kenworth tractor trailer with a closed container box, white color, labeled with the logo of a well-known parcel company, 12 white bottles that appeared to be herbicide and 56 five-liter drums with a label indicating that it was an environmental improvement product were located.
However, the containers were filled with a liquid with the characteristics of methamphetamine, giving a total of 292 liters; while the drums, of 20 liters each, contained 500 liters of ammonia , used as a precursor for the manufacture of synthetic drugs.

The 792 liters of prohibited substances, the driver and the heavy unit , ie the tractor trailer were placed at the disposal of the corresponding authorities.

                                          250 Kilos of powdered crystal methamphetamine 
Meanwhile in Tijuana, BC:

Elements of the State Preventive Police (PEP), the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) and the Federal Police seized 250 kilos of methamphetamine , in addition to arresting a subject/suspect who was apparently guarding a warehouse in the Central de Abastos ,Los Alamos, where there was a discovery of more drugs.

Thanks to research and intelligence work, the security corporations had information about the presumed drug presence in that area, which is why they moved in for possible detection and subsequent seizure.

After locating the referred location they noticed a subject standing next to a Volkswagen Jetta vehicle parked outside the premises marked with the number 15. The man held in his hands a transparent bag.

When he realized the presence of the authorities he tried to escape, but his escape was thwarted by authorities after a short chase. 

The individual was identified as José Miguel "N", 36 years old, originally from Navolato, Sinaloa.

When they inspected the interior of the vehicles, the elements found various plastic packages and boxes containing  methamphetamine  in powder form; in total: 250 kilos.

They also noticed that inside the warehouse there are transparent plastic bags with the same characteristics, so they notified  the corresponding authority and asked for security to be established, ie, a custody operation in the area, waiting for the Judge to release the search warrant.

Such confiscation represents a financial blow to this criminal structure exceeding 125 million pesos, a figure that would multiply once the methamphetamine was in the United States, where according to information from the intelligence areas it was planned to be trafficked.


  1. 3 guerras, looks Like the logo on the reefer.

    1. Reefer? I dont see any mention of bud being among the seizures. Cant even pick out any logos to speak of in the pic I believe youre referring to...??? Soooo...????

    2. 4:28 reefer means refrigerated, the colors on that truck are tres guerras. Just like that cockroache brown is ups and white purple and green is fedex. Google Tres Guerras truck breh.

  2. It's funny how life is stranger than fiction.

    Walter White needed a precursor to make his custom blue meth. He buried a tank near a train trestle and they hijacked the load from a train, stopped by a stalled truck. Jesse and weird red headed guy are found by a kid riding a dirt bike. They kill him so he doesn't rat.

    This is like petrol theft, killing the innocent and finding the precursors to crystal. Weird.

  3. Where the "Chapo snitched" comment person at

  4. Replies
    1. Tres Guerras, always wanted to work for them when i was a kid in the motherland.

  5. Is it the transport company Castores?

  6. There only is maybe five famiy from Navolato who would finance this and four share same family name.

  7. Cds getting hit again

  8. Who does it belong too cds or cjng

  9. That guy they caught shouldn't have been visible in front of the stash house, but looks like a snitch had the cops pull up to spot when they were loading the product. Who to trust?

  10. Whose drugs we're day, bet you if it's the cartel the government favors, they will get it back. Plus releasing the truck driver.

    1. Yesh be quite, your spilling the beans, Mexico will deny it, just like Russia denies posioning a father and daughter in London.

  11. There have been many intoxications because this stupid meth is ending up in soda and flavored drink bottles sold at stores around Mexicali and its valley. A young man died because of it when he drank a 7-up that had liquid meth. The authorities show up, shut down a store, then it reopens. No major arrests or transporting companies have been shut down because of this sick trend. Just business as usual.

    The latest event was in August, 25 people intoxicated.

    1. Thanks for the link , I will look into it. I do know it has been an ongoing problem in that area. Positively scary !

  12. But cheerleaders gonna say it’s fake news, it’s damazos 🤣


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