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Monday, September 17, 2018

“El Mandril” Captured in Mazatlán

Translated By Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate

                                                   ''El Mandril'' : Captured in Mazatlán
By: Edith  Andrade

The secretary of Public Safety, Inocente Fermín Hernández, explained that José Guadalupe "N" , "El Mandril" is responsible for the wave of violence in the south of the state.

Last Saturday José Guadalupe Siquieros Ortega, "El Mandril" was arrested, in a residential subdivision of the port of Mazatlán , confirmed the Secretary of Public Security of the state, Inocente Fermín Hernández Montealegre.

The alleged criminal was considered one of the most dangerous because the investigations of the police corporations consider him as one of the main responsible for the wave of violence generated in the south of the state.
"El Mandril" is designated as the leader the cell of 19 men that were killed on July 1, 2017 near the town of Aguaje de Costilla and La Amapa, south of Mazatlán, Sinaloa on Federal Highway #15 after a confrontation with Municipal Police who called for backup from the Army, the Marinas and the State Police. 

21 men traveling in four vehicles with AK47s, rifles and pistols ran into trouble with the police after murdering two men while they were attempting to leave the scene of that crime. Five policemen were also wounded.  Some sources report as many as 21 criminals killed that night.

That group also has maintained quarrels with people from different towns of Concordia.

According to unofficial sources, "El Mandril" would have displaced a leader of the "Los Verdeños" group, remaining in charge of the control of the municipality of Concordia, a municipality where in recent weeks there have been recurrent clashes, displacements and executions, including assaults against the military.

It transpired that "El Mandril" is sick because of a warhead that damaged one of its organs in the July 2017 clash in Villa Union, a condition that has required him to undergo surgeries in a clandestine manner in both Mazatlán and Culiacán.

The arrest was made after having found weapons for the exclusive use of the Army, ammunition and drugs, in addition to having orders of apprehension from other states for the crime of intentional homicide and organized crime ties.

This subject was investigated by the authorities due to the violence he has generated in communities in the south of the state, so an operation was developed in conjunction with the one who was arrested.

"His detention was carried out through the combination of several factors, as well as the joint presence of the Armed Forces and other corporations, both state and federal., ie PEP and the Marinas."

However, according to official sources, the operation for the capture of the alleged criminal, which had its operations center in the Villa Union and neighboring communities, was deployed near midnight and was completed at 1:00 am. He was actually detained in La Joya with long arms, including Ak 47s, drugs, cash and various vehicles, some reportedly stolen.

The arrest of José Guadalupe N. was planned from the intelligence desk of the federal authorities, and taking him before the judge was set as a priority objective in the southern part of the state.

"This delinquent is considered highly dangerous because it has caused violence in the south of the state," Inocente Hernández, head of the SSP.

"El Mandril", also known as "El Lupe" or "El Sinaloa" was accused of assassinating a businessman in Aguascalientes in 2003. He was also arrested in 2006 in Mazatlan for the murder of his cousin. It is unknown when he regained his freedom but pending investigations tie him to the murder of Raúl de Alba Obregon.

In December of 2013 the PGR of Aguascalientes web page had him listed as one of the six most wanted criminals in the Stae of Aguascalientes.

After his apprehension, federal forces reinforced the operation and transferred him to the PGR facilities in the city of Culiacán. Later it would be remitted to the penitentiary of that municipality. 

                       ''El Mandril'' will be sent to the Aguaruto Culiacan prison. Photo: Archive / Debate

The nickname of "El Mandril" came to light during the investigation that the authorities carried out for the homicide of two nurses Érika and Cyndi, which occurred on July 29 of last year. 


  1. I think this info is wrong,mandril is the boss of the 2 guys that blo/martin de la zapata killed that night, authorities got a call n chase is on so 19 of those 21 dead belonged to the blo....mandril worked with H2 but jumped sides after he got killed...

  2. This dude was independent but claimed the concordia corridor plaza which is infamous for being the point of sale of meth and heroin brought from jalisco michoacan guerrero going north. You don’t go past concordia unless this dude organization or CDS gave you the green light to proceed.

    1. This guy was working for chonecas which works for cds, they were entrusted the villa union plaza after they swicthed from blo to cds after H2 was killed...nobody works independent in sinaloa...

    2. 1:53. You no nothing of what you write. Concordia is good safe and self sustaining town but many peoples income is de la mota.
      Vila Union on Carretera 15 is where traficantes buy la mota from everywhere. Far este of Concordia peoples cultavate la goma de amapola near estado de Durango.
      Concordia is only la ruta and no town of criminal.

  3. Pinche mandril por andar de calientito.

  4. a capture is not good he will be released soon....he should have been shot on sight. treat these bastards like ISIS and waste them

    1. He has a rap sheet of killing, innocent pheasant's, nurses. He had been captured, with weapons the military uses. Boy if he has connections and a suitcase full of 💰, he will be out in no time.

  5. He must have operated under CDS approval. If not he won't be such a tough hombre when he gets to the Culiacan prison.
    Maybe they should call it comic con holding facility for displaced wanna be super villians.
    EL OJ

    1. Actually the prison is the aguaruto prison but people refer to it as el penny d Culiacan. Its filled with Blo and Cds guys who hate each other. This guy was blo but flipped after H2 was killed by Marines to Cds

  6. El Mandril, full face shot from Aguacalientes.

  7. I smell another prison break

    1. Possibly, that's the infamous prison that cholo ivan escaped using a back ho Caterpillar

  8. El Mandril will have a prison cell stocked with the finest liquors, satelite phones, plasma tv and prostitutes. He will probably be allowed to escape in less than a year.

  9. Hay no ese mandril no es de Sinaloa esta muy feo.
    Gilberton de culiacan

  10. This guy took over concordia replacing Sergio Quinillo from El verde a pueblo in concordia, he had been making alot of moves to soon and causing too much comotion in a small time, he barley got put a lt charge laste month and already got caught

  11. Dear local people of Concordia, El Verde and Cacalotan. Is this the guy or hi people raising hell in that area? How about in the Corral de Piedra area? All the locals say there's 2 rival groups patrolling that entire sierra. Who are these guys? Who do they work for? Is it still CDS vs. BLO?

    1. Yes he took over el verde, he works for cds. People i know over there say he works with el guano.but this guy has been causing hell


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