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Monday, September 3, 2018

Ciudad Victoria, Tamps: Murderer of Journalist Hector Gonzalez Apprehended

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate

                                                             Héctor Gonzalez Antonio

By: Kathia Borbolla

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- This morning the alleged perpetrator of the homicide of the journalist Héctor González Antonio was detained. After making several inquiries, this morning an arrest warrant was issued against the suspect.

Irving Barrios Mojica, Attorney General of the State, informed that after several inquiries were made, an arrest warrant was issued against Óscar Zuriel "N" .

The journalist's homicide was recorded last May 29 in the La Estrella neighborhood, where he lived.

His work as a journalist, personal quarrels and an attempted robbery were the lines of investigation surrounding the murder case; however, the arrest warrant was issued with the theory that Óscar Zuriel "N" attempted to steal the correspondent's vehicle.

                          Irving Barrios Mojica, Attorney General of the State / Photo: Manana

                                                                   Oscar Zuriel "N''

It was thanks to video material that showed zones, hours, routes and vehicles used that one of those involved in the homicide could be identified; likewise, the unit in which the offender allegedly fled, and which was abandoned later, showed signs that determine the probable participation of the suspect.


  1. Cjng has entered cjng
    Pues que empieze la matanza

  2. Cjng goin at it with cds in sonora according to Grillonautas2

    1. Fake! It’s no cjng is Chapo Isidro. They even put the story here at B.B.

  3. Criminals should not have, thier eyes blocked, nor there last names.

  4. Just the Tamps government trying to make it seem like Hector Gonzalez wasn’t killed for his journalism.


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