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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Chihuahua: Superior Court of Justice Employee Murderd

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat form: El Debate

Chihuahua, Chihuahua.- This morning a woman was murdered who was later identified as Georgina Tapia Granados , a psychologist who worked at the Institute of Judicial Training (Inforaj) of the Superior Court of Justice (TSJ).

The crime was recorded around 09:00 hours, at the intersection of Presa El Rejón and Presa Rosetilla streets, in the Lomas del Santuario neighborhood.

According to Tiempo, Tapia Granados circulated aboard her gray KIA car on Presa El Rejón street, when a white Mercedes Benz car slowed its pace and she was approached by an armed man, who shot hier at least seven times through the driver's window.
After the assault, the vehicle continued its march and ended up impacted against a pole at the corner.

Witnesses to the incident gave notice to the authorities, and paramedics from the Red Cross arrived moments later; however, Georgina had already passed away.

At the scene of the crime, experts located caliber 40 mm caps.

It should be noted that Tapia Granados was the wife of Horacio Jurado, former senior official of the TSJ and former administrative officer of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, who currently serves as a delegate of the National Agricultural Development of Finance.   Her husband, Horacio Jurado , is a cousin to former Governor of Chihuahua César Duarte.

It also transpired that the woman suffered an armed attack on March 25, 2017; At that time it was said that the aggression was the work of a criminal cell. 

According to newspaper archives, last March, the Georgina Tapia Granadas was shot between  the streets of North Carolina and California.

On that occasion, she was identified as an official of the Supreme Court of Justice, psychologist.

At the time it was indicated that the sicarios were waiting outside the house, and when they arrived, they shot her causing three bullet wounds: in the right arm, in the abdomen and in the chest.


  1. Her days were outnumbered, the killers we're coming back, to finish her off.

  2. Link to actual video here:

  3. These kinds of hits are usually orchestrated by political figures who then blame organized crime. If she gets smeared in the media (i.e. she was corrupt, on the narco payroll, blablabla) it was Duarte himself. If she is eulogized with honors it was Duarte. If it is swept under the rug no more news about it. It was his enemies. If so. Expect more political killings.


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