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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Mexico's new security secretary favors marijuana legalization

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Universal and Mexico Daily

"My personal position is in favor of marijuana"

AMLO with Durazo

The man proposed to be Mexico’s next public security secretary has admitted he favors the legalization of marijuana.

Alfonso Durazo Montaño express his view in Cuernavaca, Morelos, before attending a forum on drug policy with other members of the new federal administration, representatives and experts from the scientific and academic communities and members of civil organizations.

Durazo told reporters he was in favor of the legalization of marijuana for recreational and medical use but cautioned that it was his personal belief and he would not attempt to impose it during the talks.

“We will discuss drug and pacification issues and outline a policy that will contribute to the nation’s pacification and reconciliation . . . those proposals that obtain consensus will possibly become public policy,” he said.

“I have my personal position in favor of the legalization of marijuana, but I’m not here to push my proposal forward, the forum will have to decide that,” he said.

Another proposed cabinet secretary has expressed similar views. Olga Sánchez Cordero, prospective interior secretary, has said she too favors the decriminalization of marijuana, and allowing opium poppy cultivation for medical purposes.


  1. U can buy anywhere in Mexico now

  2. Weed should've been legalized long ago, what's the point of keeping it illegal, when they can barely enforce their laws in rural areas.

  3. He should get up, and do something about the high murder rate, that Mexico is becoming famous.

  4. It will not stop the deaths in Mexico. These Narco's will still be killing each other for plaza's to sell their drugs. Making legal in parts of the USA has not effected the violence in Mexico, and in fact murder is recording all time highs now. Killing off the competition is a norm in the drug trade here. Same with other businesses at times.

    1. Duranzo concentrate on homicide prevention, not about marijuana. Think about the Innocence of people getting killed. I call my senator about cartels killing kids, he want to talk about, growing tomatoes.

    2. Q0:47 grow tomatoes,
      let them rot.
      And throw them at your favorite politician,
      practice to hit them right in the snout

  5. The drug war is a failure. Already legalization in US states has caused a big drop in cartel cannabis revenue. That is a very real impact, cutting off the money helps. Only meth is dangerous anyway, keep that illegal, also provide treatment.

  6. Duranzo your the secretary of security, he is not on charge of marjusna . Get your head straight, and work on the real problem, people getting killed.

  7. Durazno is a Bozo!

  8. Nevada, USA State cannabis sales first legel year, recreational.
    7/1/2017 to 6/30/2018 ~ 1.2 billion usd. State coffers collected over $35 million each month in taxes! It ain't about safety it is about $.

    1. Taxing grifa won't work in mexico, the farmers will still be forced to sell cheap or be killed by one or the other side of competing middle men, be it Grifa or frijoles "nada cambia" because those middle men have their padrinos in government.
      It could help if police chiefs are made responsible for murders in their areas with allowance to take two or three of his favorite men down with him to teach others responsibility.


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