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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Monterrey: 15 Dead In One Night but AMLO has a Plan

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By: Jesse Chase Lubitz  June 9, 2018
Additional Material from Universal, MND, El Horizonte

Extortion is believed to have been behind a night of violence Saturday in three municipalities in Nuevo León in which 15 people were killed. Twelve of the victims died in attacks on bars and cantinas. Ten people were wounded as suspected organized crime gangs launched attacks on six bars.

Three more people were assassinated in the municipalities of Cadereyta and Linares. More attacks followed in Juárez, Monterrey and Apodaca.

The offensive began just before 10:00pm Saturday at a bar in front of the central bus terminal in Monterrey. It was followed almost immediately by another at a bar some 400 meters away.

State Security Secretary Bernardo González said yesterday the motive for the attacks appeared to be extortion by organized crime. There will be increased state police presence in the city center of Monterrey in response, he said.

González called on municipal governments to continue working together in coordination to combat crime. He said those efforts have paid off in a reduction in homicides. June saw the least number of homicides recorded so far this year.

The Nuevo León Attorney General's Office reported that four of the six people who died at the Rancho Viejo bar in the municipality of Juarez were identified and two were murdered at the Bohemios bar on the border between Guadalupe and Apodaca.

The four victims in Juárez are José Eduardo Soto Luna, 38; Darío Moreno Lugo, 58, and Misael Alejandro Rodríguez Cervantes, 23, all were customers of the establishment, in addition to the waitress Neyda Yazmín Paz Méndez, 19 years old.

The two deceased in Bohemios were identified as Francisco Javier Montoya Turrubiates, 25, and Ovidio Servando González Bernal, no age determined; They were both customers.

The gunmen allegedly used .40 and .9 millimeter pistols in the assaults.

So far, the authorities have as a main line of investigation to an organized crime group that would claim the payment of an extorsion fee or "piso" to the bars which were attacked, according to the Secretary of Public Security of Nuevo León, Bernardo González

Meanwhile, yesterday morning, the authorities found a "narco manta " in the Puerta de Hierro neighborhood west of Monterrey, which  referred to the attacks. In the message, one of the groups refers to the alleged support they receive from state police. A total of 3 threatening "Narco Mantas" were found around town hanging from bridges; responsibility claimed by Cartel de Noreste and a cell calling themselves Cartel Indepe de Santa.

Official silence: 

In spite of the demands of the citizens of Nuevo León, for the violence that left 15 executions related to organized crime between Saturday and Sunday -12 in armed attacks to six bars-, Governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, "El Bronco", has kept silence on the issue; however, he has been active on social networks promoting the independent cause.

The Governor  has not appeared in public events since he returned to the state government, on July 2, when the six-month license granted by the local Congress for the presidential campaign expired.

"Within a week of the election, I remain firm in my decision to change the attitude of Mexicans. It is not easy, it is a battle against an old system that does not want to let citizens take the reins of this country.

"But in spite of that, we will continue to be an example in Nuevo León that an independent government works hand in hand with the citizens, do not you?" Said the governor in one of his last messages on social networks.

On Sunday, while the media gave broad coverage to the attacks on bars, "El Bronco" published on its Facebook its reflections on the electoral process.

The same attitude has been maintained by the Secretary General of the Government, Manuel González Flores, who commented yesterday: "We are sure that this week will be unforgettable for all. Full of successes and goals to fulfill. You can!".

Former Presidential Candidate and current Gov of the State of Nuevo Leon: "El Bronco".

Six of the victims were killed at the Rancho Viejo restaurant and bar. The prosecutor’s office has attributed the shooting to organized crime. Police have not made any arrests yet and they are not sure if the incidents were linked.

Fifteen people were left dead and nine wounded on Sunday night, after a series of attacks in and around the northern Mexican city of Monterrey. Twelve were killed in attacks at six bars, a man and a 14-year-old boy were shot in their car, and another man was killed in a fight between rival gangs after leaving a private party.

The attacks came just two days after the transition team of Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s incoming government announced a plan to reduce crime in the country, which includes offering amnesty for certain drug war crimes, Reuters reported. 

The plan, which they dubbed “transitional justice,” aims to create more lenient policies: 

For example, it proposes reducing jail time and forming truth commissions to investigate disappearances and extrajudicial killings. The government also promises to grant reparations for victims, focus on the causes of poverty, and work to get kids out of areas with drugs by providing scholarships. 

“It’s an integrated public policy,” Olga Sanchez, Lopez Obrador’s proposed interior minister, told Reuters, explaining that the goal is to “pacify the nation.”

The amnesty program will be focusing on individuals from vulnerable social groups such as youth and rural farmers. The New Republic points to two studies that reveal how such groups are targeted more than others by organized crime. You can access New Republic here: AMLO

The first was conducted by the Mexican Senate in 2012 and found that eight out of ten federal prisoners for drug crimes had not finished high school. The second, by Mexican NGO, Equis, showed that the number of women prosecuted for drug crimes had doubled between 2015 and 2017. 

In an attempt to distinguish highly violent criminals from impressionable youth, only individuals who are willing to go through a rehabilitation process and attend sessions with victims can take part in the amnesty program. Murderers and torturers will not be allowed to participate.

This new approach is a response to the steadily increasing rates of murder, kidnappings, and forced disappearances in Mexico since the war on drug-trafficking began in 2006 under then president, Felipe Calderon. 

The homicide rate has been rising since 2015, with 2,948 murders in May 2018, according to monthly data collection from the Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Publica and collated by Mexico Crime Report. 

In most of Monterrey, reported homicides increased by between 1.9 percent and 57 percent between 2016 and 2017, depending on the district, according to the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security Mexico Crime and Safety Report 2018.

The military, which was deployed to patrol the streets under Calderon, has only added to the violence. In 2017, Human Rights Watch had received almost 10,000 complaints of abuse by the army since 2006.

Lopez Obrador’s proposal seeks to remove a significant portion of the military from patrolling the streets and put resources into professionalizing the local police.

The new administration will also form an office of the Sub-Secretary of Transitional Justice, Human Rights, and Attention to Victims, to conduct the truth commissions and then pass on information to federal and state prosecutors, according to The New Republic. There will then be an independent federal prosecutor that is not linked to the executive branch and therefore can make decisions free from political biases.

This “transitional justice” style of governance has already been used in Colombia and Guatemala. In Colombia, the program enrolls former FARC members in educational and rehabilitation programs that allow them to reintegrate into civilian life and it seems to have been successful.

The New Republic points to a former militant with the M-19 guerrilla organization who ran in the Progressive Movement party in Colombia’s recent presidential election. He came in second place, suggesting that the general public is open to allowing these individuals back into the community. 


  1. Horrible news due to these crimes. But AMLO? He’s not even in office yet.

  2. The independent Santa Catarina cartel has risen. - Sol Prendido

    1. Are they allied with the CDG or CDN?

    2. CDN. - Sol Prendido

  3. whats up with all the hate on AMLO?

  4. Organ harvesters.

    - Sol Prendido

  5. Beautiful article BB.
    This approach to education is key for all those to make oneself productive in society. Moreover, the effects / impacted for those crimes with their victims.
    Furthermore, with his efforts to provide the necessary skills to combat the this trend of idleness within society.
    I have to admit the scepticism I have towards the lienenci project.
    Nevertheless, I will give him the thumbs up for looking for ways to reverse a devastating and destructive cycle which has engulfed Mexico.

    Will remain positive with his initiatives and proposals.


  6. "We're losing badly the war on drugs...You have to legalize drugs to win that war. You have to take the profit away from these drug czars...Tax revenues from a legalized drug trade could be spent to educate the public on the dangers of drugs..."quote from President Donald Trump ...Sarasota Herald-Tribune Saturday April 14 1990....

    Wish some of the U.S presidents back then would have listened to him... hope he still feels the same today and goes through with it... I couldn't care less if he's republican or democrat, it is the only way to decapitate these drug cartels for good!

    1. Why not make murder, rape, theft and kidnapping legal as well, to help win the war on crime...... simpleton.

  7. Leniency is only going to make the problem worse....this has been proven time and time again throughout history.....sadly Mexico hasn't hit rock bottom.....soon it will be known as Northern Venezuela.

  8. Bars and nightclubs are the last place i'd frequent in Mexico. Too many acts of savagery have happened in these drinkibg establishments down tvrough the years.

  9. AMLO has already shown the cartels he's a coward. The smallest uptick in violence he'll send the military running the other way, how is he planning on stopping police corruption when they're being paid pennies and will not risk their life to do the right thing. Higher wages? Where will that money come from? Extensive training will not overcome hunger or the fear of death. At this point I believe Mexico needs a Duterte. No nonsense, kill at will. Duterte is killing drug pushers like there's no tomorrow. AMLO's election was the Mexican people's biggest mistake, Mexico needs a strong leader, one who would invoke patriotism, as I see it, the love and the will to fight for your countries progress trumps that of the cartels offerings.

    1. @2AM 30 million Mexicans disagree with you.

    2. 2:00 Rodrigo "El Loco" Duterte is a drug addict himself.
      His murdering includes TOO MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE, and many of them voted for him, just because they look like drug addicts or drug traffickers Is No REASON to murder anybody.

  10. He has has a plan alright, take money from of office and cartels and live the Mexican president dream. He hit the lotto, even when he's out of office ge will continue to get his check. Ridiculous

  11. But AMLO has a plan they said. I think they should at least allow AMLO to get to the presidency.

    1. TexMex has been pardoned by AMLO already.

    2. @9:06AM I think TexMex's comment speaks for itself. Let AMLO become President (Dec. 1) before you start giving him Presidential powers.

  12. The cartels are ever money hundry, they do drug trafficking, kidnappings for ransom, fuel theft, still not enough they resort to extortion...what gives.

  13. Hopefully the leniancy offer is just a way to get as much information out of this and that organization and then blitzkrieg all their asses.
    Alot of information is out there so you can't just come in and say "ImI coming to get ALL of you".

  14. How many gang members in los zetas or sinaloa?

  15. Hello BB

    Is mexico is going through the same situation Colombia did in the 80s & 90s. How was Colombia able to bring the violence down, a peace treaty between government and narcos ?


    1. I , for one, sure hope so for the sake of the entire country / continent and the good people , nothing else has worked. The people have to get behind something/ someone and aspire to rise above the deplorable state of the country; the senseless violence and the loss of the proud honorable hardworking , well meaning beautiful people of Mexico. Viva La Raza, Paz

    2. In Colombia the murdering was made part of the work for the military and polesia nacional, helped by local paracos, auto defensas and guerrillas owned by Alvaro Uribe Velez and Co.

  16. Glad to see Calderón mentioned in this article. IMO he should be held accountable for the deaths of innocent people and victims during his declared war on narcos.

    1. Casualties of war.
      All wars are not 100% proof of civilian casualties.
      His approach should not be punishment. Rather, applause for the initiative to combat the threat / power cartels presented and their influential government applications.
      Hopefully now with AMLOs initiatives / proposals things can change for the better.
      How many innocent lives were taken from US military operations globally? Do not recall impeachment nor criminal charges against those who only created chaos and devastation to other countries. Moreover, the misleading report and misinformation to illegally intervene?

      Just pointing out the facts.


    2. 12:43 I am glad to see you going so beautiful E42,
      makes me proud that you are learning something at last.

  17. The independent Santa Catarina cartel has risen. - Sol Prendido

    1. Your funny the Santa Clause Cartel.

    2. Santa Catarina is a city on the outskirts of Monterey. Some well known hitters come from that area. - Sol Prendido

  18. I’m confident he talks about leniency just to buy time until he starts his presidency.


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