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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Luxury transportation bus drives through Nuevo Laredo shootout on route to Monterrey

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat from Zocalo...thank you BB Fren

After a bus received gunfire, during a shootout that broke out Tuesday in Nuevo Laredo, a driver drove the unit with several passengers, from the conflict, to the safety of  Monterrey.

Unit 5248 of the company Enlaces Terrestres Nacionales (ETN) arrived at midnight at the company's headquarters located in Churubusco and Miguel Aleman, safeguarding the passengers.

This morning the authorities of the General Prosecutor's Office and the Monterrey Police inspected the bus.

According to a police source, the events occurred on Monday afternoon at Reforma Avenue, in Colonia Concordia in Nuevo Laredo, where the bus passed through the site where a shootout was occurring. 
The bus received at least six impacts, four on the front windshield and two on the sides.

After being shot at, passengers were seized by hysteria, who asked the driver not to stop driving.

"That bus arrived two hours late, it arrived at 12 o'clock at night, when, that's what the driver told us, they were shot when they left Nuevo Laredo," said an employee, who did not want to identify himself.

The same employee stressed that the authorities of the Attorney General of Nuevo Leon took reporting cognizance of the facts.


  1. Now that's scary!

  2. God bless the driver and passengers. Hope no body was hurt. Those impacts on the windshield look like they could have hit the driver.

  3. What's a luxury bus doing in Mexico?

    1. If you don't know Mexico, read and learn but hold off on the dumbass questions. Buses in Mexico are the only way to go.

    2. LOVE LOVE Monterrey! I had an apt there for a few years. as for luxury buses...there are many lux bus lines, first class seats are the way to go.

      I guess you 6:53 are pretty ignorant on what Mexico has.

    3. 742 he she is saying luxury, which means only the people with big money ride those buses, it's understandable people ride buses to get around, but why call them luxury bus ya dig.

    4. You sir are a idiot...@6:53

    5. The luxury buses are usually a few dollars more and make long trips way more comfortable. Better seats, less cramped, tvs (maybe), ac etc

  4. @653am Mexico has alot of nice areas especially Monterey if you didn't know

  5. Maybe the US & Mexico should have open borders. That way the US military can go do the job the Mexican government won't do: Stop the Cartels.

  6. Luxury-indulgence, not a necessity, expensive. Only people making more money, can ride those buses. If they mean regular buses, like Greyhound or Crusro, but they are not luxury buses.


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