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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Background on those narco banners in Acapulco

Posted by Chava for Borderland Beat from ANG

Chava provided this article with background on those narco banners that appeared in Acapulco this week

After answering a call on the 911 emergency line, it was reported that several armed people were in a vehicle in the Las Parotas neighborhood in the port of Acapulco, the Army and the state police apprehended a male and a vehicle.

When implementing a search to locate the armed persons, the Army and the state police, arrived in the Parotas community and at the corner of Ignacio Manuel Altamirano and Naranjos, they located a white Jetta Volkswagen vehicle with the characteristics received in the report; aboard this vehicle they apprehended a male who said he was Baltazar "N" who had in his possession a short firearm of the brand STURM RUGER & CON INC. Caliber 9 mm, serial number 315-50278 and a metal charger with 7 clips of cartridges of the same caliber.

It should be noted that Baltazar "N" collector of quotas, completed a sentence for carrying and possessing a firearm exclusively for the use of the Army, Navy and Air Force, from February 12, 2011, having been released on February 11 of this year (2017).

In accordance with the Criminal Cause 13/2011 in addition to being the second in command of Oscar Aguilar alias "EL ROBA VACAS" (cattle thief), he is one of the biggest kidnappers, works quotas, extortionists, kidnappers and Sicario (hitman) of the zone of La Sabana in Acapulco de Juarez.

The Military personnel also seized a Volkswagen vehicle Type: Jetta model 2000, with plates LJ1385 of the State of Mexico.

Oscar Aguilar and “al Balta” are attributed to various crimes including extortion against relatives of the inmates held in the Las Cruces prison, as well as in the executions of those inmates who left without paying "La Cuota" which ranges between 20 and 50,000 pesos that they have to pay when they recover their freedom.

The Oscar Aguilar Group collaborated before with the "CIDA" (Cartel Indepenencia de Acapulco). The "BALTA" was the link with one of its leaders known as "EL CAFE or CULON" but due to conflicts between these 2 criminal groups, a war for the dispute of the prison that finished with a riot where more than 30 Prisoners died and a several more were wounded in addition to leaving more than a hundred of dead and dismembered bodies around the city.

For the above, "BALTAZAR" "N", the firearm, cartridges and the vehicle were seized and made available by the competent authorities.

We present the photograph of this person with the aim that if he is recognized as the author of other crimes, to report them to the number 911 or in any of the Agencies of the MP in the city.  

Finally victims of this dangerous criminal who prefer to keep their anonymity for fear of becoming victims of the criminal group operating in La Sabana, indicate that the "BALTA" was responsible for charging fees in various bars, table dance establishments, delivery trucks and vans, small grocery stores (Miscellanies), tortilla shops (Tortillerias), vendors of pirated items (Pirateria) , Central Market and multiple executions, torture and dismemberments.

Those affected by the entire criminal network of Oscar Aguilar in La Sabana hope that the authorities now send him to a Federal prison this dangerous offender who has unleashed Violence, panic and Terror in "the World Capital of Homicide".


  1. I think everyone agrees that moving drugs and human smuggling into the USA is the only concern of the DEA and other agencies in our country and we have no concern for the other criminal activity of Mexican cartels. The other activities like extortion, which by definition include collecting piso to operate any business or threating politicians to play ball and outright kidnapping is no concern of the US government, but the main problem for Mexican citizens. Mexican citizens do not give two shits about drugs and people entering the USA "illegally". They want safety. They want to know that they can operate any business enterprise, whether it is an avocado ranch or a Goodyear tire dealership without some local gang putting the squeeze on them. We all hope that the new president will change that. what do you all think?

    1. Guess that was rhetorical,what is the US supposed to do?

    2. Nothing is going to change unless people quit using...LOL!

    3. It's time for you and your best friends to armed up, and kill the rats infested criminals on the spot, you Mexican government does not do full battle, with the cartels. And with Obrador becoming your Pres.he has said some dumb things, that he will set the criminals free.

    4. @ 6:16 AM

      That’s one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is the undisputable fact that a functional government wouldn’t allow this kind of shit. Under a functional government, criminal syndicates never reach the kind of brazen power that the cartels scumbag are enjoying right now.

      The first duty of a government is protecting its citizens from violence. A government which is unable to perform this task and, even worse, it’s very often the first danger for its citizens, is a laughing stock.

      El Martillo

    5. 5:37 Excellent explanation.

  2. read your own comment, You answer your own question lol

  3. This article 100% validated my argument with my pie in the sky friends who think legalizing drugs solves everything. Fools.


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