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Friday, April 20, 2018

The Pacification of Mexico

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

Subject Matter: Rampant criminality in Mexico
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Since the first half of the nineties, Mexico has experienced a security crisis. At the end of his six-year term, Carlos Salinas had to create a Security Commission that depended directly on him. It was only to manage his departure, while Ernesto Zedillo presented the National Public Security System in his first year in office.

Reporter: Jorge Carrasco Araizaga
Since then, those who have succeeded have improvised around this proposal and have created, dissolved, modified  the police corporations and the bodies responsible for developing public safety policies.

In that quarter of a century, crime followed its own dynamic. It grew and developed, for internal and external reasons, until it became what it is now: a belligerent force that challenges the State on a daily basis.

It has taken territory, plundered and murders its population, wins cultural battles and even receives indirect subsidies from the police and military personnel who have been trained with resources from the treasury.

For some time now, the Mexican State has failed to guarantee the integrity of people and the possession of their property, the premise from which the State emerged as an institution.

Therefore, nobody is surprised by the results of the Inegi on the National Survey of Urban Public Safety (ENSU), according to which eight out of ten Mexicans feel insecure in the city where they live.

It is the failure of the State put in figures. To say of its own inhabitants, Mexico is a country with fear.

The power of the criminal organizations is no secret to anyone. The Army, the Navy and the Federal Police have publicly accepted it. What they will never admit, starting with their political bosses, is that Mexico is experiencing an internal armed conflict of even greater proportions than a civil war because of the number of deaths, missing persons, displaced persons and a large number of other violations of human dignity, which are essential rights in a democracy.

The recovery of peace is the main theme of the 2018 presidential election. Without peace there is no development. Neither economic, nor educational, nor of any kind. Companies have increased their expenses to have more security and transfer those costs to consumers. In many parts of the country, teachers are being trained on how to react to protect children in cases of shootings outside of schools.

The dilemma is to maintain or not, the war on organized crime of Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña, whose most ominous balance, is the feast of barbarism in which the State also participates. The result has also been beneficial for criminal groups. They continue to make huge profits in this economic war.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador says he is willing to end that scheme. He is the only presidential candidate in that position. Even when he proposed it, the early days of his eventual government would also be marked by violence, given the current cycle of confrontation and the inertia he will maintain. But as much as he wants to do it and get up early in the morning to have meetings with his security cabinet, his will is not enough for Mexico to have peace.


  1. But how much of the ‘drug war’ is really a proxy war between political parties like the PRI or the PAN?
    What about the government death squads participating in the killing and dissaolearences?

    The criminals have power because unscrupulous politicians are happy to take their bribes along with numerous other schemes like public contract kick backs and looting the treasury.

    1. You are right. The drug war is not a war on drug but a war for power and the fight to maintain and control power. Mexicans don't want to win the war on drugs unless that means to win the war on controlling the drugs. Too much money to be made.

  2. Will Obrador really bring change, there was a time he said, amesty for locked up Cartel members.

  3. The mexican state's official profit from the criminals through something called 'bribes'. In return they give the criminals protection from the rest of the mexican people.

  4. Mexico is way beyond saving by conventional means such as voting for "any" politician. Crime. corruption, racism and plain evil are too deeply ingrained into the soul of Mexico.

    Name one thing that is clean and not "seriously" corrupted in Mexico: Education? Courts? Business? Religion? Unions? Medicine? Military? Lawyers? Journalism? and TV?

    IMO, Santa Muerte has it right to dwell in Mexico because it is certainly fertile soil to dwell in. The criminals and oppressed poor know who to pray to when in need or distress and it isn't politicians. The Virgin Mary, Jesus and panoply of saints seem to have been overwhelmed by the many evils that pervade Mexico.



    1. @839 they pray to la santa because jesus left mexico a while back. I pray to saint "40 glock" it never lets me down in extreme never say no and it never ever jamms up and she don't ask to many questions...

    2. Nice report Otis.
      Question? What will the findings of this report do to change this system? Reports and findings of what’s troubling and broken have long plagued Mexico for years with no resolution.
      AMLO,s approach to end this relationship is noble but a dream. Willing and doing are two different things. The political forces who have vested interests will not be willing to compromise.
      where ones pockets are affected.
      I can understand the violence which has plagued Mexico is of AMLO’S interests. But substituting one policy for another and the absolution for criminals will be met with criticism.


    3. @ 8:39 Mexico Watcher - so true.

      Military, political and economic "solutions" will never fix Mexico's cultural, social and religious problems.


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