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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Nuevo León: Identified body of teenager leads to report of eight people disappeared in Nuevo Laredo

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Proceso
                        El cadáver de un adolescente enterrado en un rancho de Anáhuac, Nuevo León. Foto: Especial
By Luciano Campos Garza

NUEVO LAREDO, Tams. After the discovery of a body of a teenager buried in a ranch in Anahuac, Nuevo Leon, the disappearance of eight people in this city was reported, in events that could be related to extrajudicial executions.

According to a source close to the investigations, who requested anonymity, the victims include two women.

This Tuesday, at 10 o'clock in the morning, the body of Ángel Ulises García Aguiñaga, 16, a high school student was found, who according to accounts of his friends was arrested by elements of the Navy-Navy Secretariat of Mexico (Semar).

The young man lived with his grandmother in the Itavu neighborhood of the city and was last seen at 6 pm Monday, March 19 by his uncle Óscar Santiago, who went out to look for him after realizing he had not arrived back home to sleep.

The friends of Angel Ulises notified the uncle that the marines who took the boy told them to look for him in the town of Colombia, municipality of Anáhuac, Nuevo León, 220 kilometers north of Monterrey, on the border with Texas. The Nuevo Leon municipality borders the territory of Nuevo Laredo.

According to the source, on Tuesday morning the uncle of Angel Ulises, accompanied by Francisca García Morales, traveled to the section of kilometer 127 of the Monterrey-Colombia highway, where a worker from the area notified them that a marine patrol had entered a private ranch.

The relatives went to said area, and about 200 meters from the road they found the body of the young man half-buried, with bruises on his head, for which they informed the municipal police of Anahuac, who in turn notified elements of the State Agency of Investigations, which up to this afternoon [March 20] continued to collect evidence in the area of the located body.

Series of Disappearance

The source explained that the complaint filed by the youth's relatives against the armed forces occurs at a time when eight disappearances have been reported in Nuevo Laredo, including two women, although it is unknown who was responsible.

A similar case to Angel Ulises’ was detected on Sunday, March 18 on the Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo highway, in the town of La Gloria, 125 kilometers north of the capital of Nuevo León.

The body of a man about 30 years old was on a ranch, half-buried, with his hands tied behind his back with plastic cable ties.

After the Mexican Army discovered the body, until now not identified, ministerial elements transported it to the amphitheater of the University Hospital. It is believed that the victim was from Nuevo Laredo.

In another coincidence, a worker near the area was the one who gave notice to the authorities about the existence of the corpse.


  1. Seems awfully sloppy to have been done by Marines, no? Possible people posing as Marines?

    1. Local crime groups wouldn’t leave you with your shoes on. Nor would they be using zip ties to restrain you. Shoes would be missing. And cinta canela would be used by local criminals. - Sol Prendido

    2. Nice observation Sol.


    3. So your saying it is the Military, that is doing this? Perhaps they were lookouts and did not reveal info.
      --Luna apagada

    4. @ Luna apagada flex cuffs. Or as I like to call them, zip ties. Are commonly used amongst law enforcement/military. So I’d say that’s who more than likely did this job. The kill looks to clean as well. A common criminal would’ve tortured the hell out of you. Which would’ve just as well left you all bloody. Also they were smart enough not to have actually fired a weapon. Which just covers them in the future should ballistics have had to be performed. - Sol Prendido

    5. Soldiers detecting the marinas and telling on them,
      Marinas telling witnesses where they can find the persons they abduct and allowing ranch workers to see them and letting them alive, looks like a hatchet job on the marinas, not that they don't deserve it.
      --why kidnap a young guy and just execute him or the other victims without demanding ransom?
      --was anybody raped at least?
      Fuerzas Delictivas Estatales may be needing "more freedom of movement", some have marina or army experience, have neutralized a lot of narcos of whatever cartel and got done with the PRI party in Tamaulipas, somebody needs to get enhanced interrogations and cattle prod up the ass after failing the lie detectors.
      Start with all the commanders.

  2. Sad sight seeing that young dude ending up like that.These bastards are always pretending to be cops ,marinas,anything,with cloned vehicles,uniforms,the works,i wouldn't put it past real marinas some of them dont give a fuck and who touches them? Poor young dude 16 ?

  3. Makes no sense for the marines to murder someone and then confess their actions to the family of the victim.

    1. los secuestran marines , ven una patrulla de marines internarse e la zona, aparece el cadaver y son gente del ejercito quien lo recupera. utilizan implementos no usados por el crimen.
      Tlatlaya y ayotzinapa dicen que los cuerpos militares mienten .

    2. I concur 11:14, very odd. So, then what is the probable explanation? False flag attack? Who benefits? Marina's enemies could be anyone.

    3. 6:18 in laredo the marines take anyone they suspect of being a cartel member

  4. Was it the work of currupted Federales.

  5. Who isn't corrupted in mejico

  6. Lot of trucks in nuevo laredo with M2 (.50) rolling next of 2 american embassys and nobody cares


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