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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Acapulco: Armed men break into school, torture and shave heads of 20 students

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Proceso
Photo: Quadratín
by Ezequiel Flores Contreras

CHILPANCINGO, Gro. - An armed group broke into two school buildings in the outlying area of Acapulco, where they subdued the teachers and students; 20 of the latter were tortured and their hair was cut off in front of dozens of witnesses.

The first incident occurred this morning around 8:15, in the telesecundaria of the Frontera neighborhood in Acapulco. At least four young people carried weapons, "sticks and hooks,” threatened the teaching staff and subjected the students to being stripped of money and mobile phones, according to official reports.

Then, they selected 20 students who allegedly "sell drugs" on campus and, in front of the student community, tortured them and cut their hair as a form of harassment.

At the same time, another armed group entered secondary school number 9 in the Renacimiento neighborhood, although no incidents similar to those of the other campus were reported.

The government of Hector Astudillo only issued a statement in which he described the event as "a reprehensible and despicable act" and pledged to strengthen security in that perimeter of the city, away from the tourist area, where surveillance plans are supposedly focused.

These events occurred in the context of protests by teachers and parents who demand safety in schools, with no response from the Secretary of Education in the entity, José Luis González de la Vega Otero.


  1. Getting their hair cut off was the only "torture"? Mild penalty for being drug dealers, if true.

    1. O so its okay for dealers to torture dealers then? Kind of an ironic double standard u think?

    2. It doesn't say anywhere that the armed people cutting the hair were drug dealers, @5:18. That's your assumption.

    3. The students fleeced were fleeced because according to their torturers they are narcos, no proof or confessing needed.

  2. Those little rascalls sure grow up fast don't they :)

  3. At least they didn't kill them, last thing Mexico needs is school shootings

  4. Playboys got nothing more than soft hazing. - Sol Prendido

  5. The local Cartel Los Pinky's, Are jelous of wanna be drug dealers are eating, into thier profits.

  6. So so many schools have been closed on and off not only on and around Acapulco
    due to the violence and insecurity. Parents not letting there kids go to school , no buses or in some cases also no public transport.
    However , isn’t this Semana Santa ?

  7. Replies
    1. 10:04 sientate, pa que descanses...

    2. @5:07 Según le dicen el mago. Lol. - Sol Prendido

  8. The Mexican government is a complete JOKE. From the President down to Mayors. Now i know why so many here in the USA do not want to give up their guns. Our President is crazy too i'll admit that.

  9. "20 students who sell drugs on campus"
    Give me a break,that means there's more dealers than punters,they must have some custom,20 dealers in the same school?
    The PRI are the worst of the worst,each state is run as a virtual separate entity like feudal estates,it shows the greed and incompetence of some of these governors that THEY FUCK UP under the PRI?How do you fuck up under the PRI?

  10. Starts on Monday the 26th, for 2 weeks.

  11. Just let la barbie back and get shit back in order. Fuck these petty little bums

  12. This is just pure low level terror Taliban/Isis style now coming to Mexico. The beheadings are reserved for the big boys.


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