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Friday, March 30, 2018

Mexico Secures Rare Conviction for Journalist’s Murder

Posted by DD Republished from InSight Crime Written byAngelika Albaladejo


  1. I am happy that for once no narcos or sicarios are being blamed for this crime of the municipales, but it is certainly not enough and not the only crime, with a display of dismembering for good measure...
    --that is what they meant for "militarizing of police operations", wholesale mass murdering of innocents that Mexico and the US were warned about since the 60s...

  2. Only 2 took the fall, while the heavy shot callers, are in hiding. They need to be tortured and see what it feels, when it was done on others.

  3. Viva mexico! Way to go! Outstanding.

  4. Off topic,but see El Gafe of CDN has been putting mantas in C Victoria threatening Notaries for dispossession of houses and lands.Remember El Gafe/CDN was supposedly arrested not long ago?

  5. There really is a first time for everything.


    “Designated to be the link that Omar Cruz used to contact the criminal group, offering to grant them the Medellín plaza in exchange for disappearing Moisés.“

    The polticians 'sell' the plaza and make the REAL money. The cartels are foot soldiers and gun fudder and get the spoils.

    Corruption is the root cause, organized crime follows as a result!

  7. This shows that there is some honest brave hard working government officials that do want a change, that do their job regardless of the corruption and shitshow going on, officials that are not afraid of threats and are willing tonface the backlash against organized crime and coworkers alike all just to make a difference and their attempt into making the justice system a fair one. The only bad thing is that all it takes is one brainless so called judge to overturn their conviction, but hopefully acts like the ones from these guys inspire others to do their jobs and make Mexico the great country it deserves to be

    1. Be honest hard working and brave all you want,
      at your own peril.

    2. Well thats what inmean, these guys do it on their own peril, they know the risks theybmay be scared tgey may be worried but they took a job and did that job and didnt didnt back down from organized crime and corruption, peiple like them are some real mexican patriots

  8. Just a dog and pony show...I'd be surprised if they got the right guys. All about upcoming elections.

  9. Even if they got the right guys, a judge will get bribed. We know what happens next, lol.


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