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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Fatal Shoot-Out Disrupts Easter Procession in Acapulco, Mexico

Posted by DD Republished from TeleSUR

One of the robbers died from a heart attack during a shootout with police while an accomplice escaped, said the government of Guerrero.

 Dozens of Roman Catholic devotees dressed as ancient Romans and biblical figures fled a Good Friday procession in panic on Friday in the Mexican resort town of Acapulco after gunfire rang out over a nearby car robbery. 

 Minutes after the confrontation, another man in a home nearby was killed in what was reported to police as a subsequent slew of gunfire. No people in the procession were reported injured.

 Murder rates in Acapulco and the popular Los Cabos resort further north have soared in recent years as Mexico fights entrenched drug crime, Reuters reports.    

Mexico registered a record number of murders last year, staining the reputation of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) whose presidential candidate, Jose Antonio Meade, trails third in polls to win the July 1 election. 

Campaigns officially kicked off on Friday, with the second- and fourth-place contenders holding midnight rallies to deliver vows to curb corruption and violence, two of Mexico's most critical and intertwined issues that are shaping the race.

Meade and leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who ranks first in polls, will launch their campaigns on Sunday.

In Acapulco on Friday, a video shows onlookers who had just concluded the re-enactment of Jesus Christ's crucifixion darting in terror down a major street, yelling, "Stay calm, stay calm!" 

One man crouched behind a large wooden crucifix propped against a parked car, while a group of men in flowing red capes and Romanesque armor streamed past. Women grabbed hands with children, pushing them through the confused mob.  

A shootout also interrupted a Good Friday procession in the violent northern city of Reynosa and left one dead, local media reported.

According to a video aired on television, several dozen religious marchers darted to the sidewalk amid shouts of "Get to the ground!" after the pop-pop of gunfire cut into choral singing.

A Jesus figure wearing white robes tinged with fake blood kneeled behind a giant crucifix as more gunfire rang out, dropping it when a companion yelled for him to "leave the cross!" and take cover off the street.


  1. Ricardo Anaya alias El Huichol, PAN
    And Jose Antonio miados "El Rey de la Torta" or "El Torta King" PRI, se la van a pellizcar, 5% votes each.

  2. For the record, this was NOT downtown was in the colony of Santa Cruz.

    1. @7:41 I don't think the article said it was downtown Acapulco. Santa Cruz is a colonia in the Municipality of Acapulco. Not many people would know where the incident took place if the article only said "in Santa Cruz".

  3. Santa Cruz is off Ruiz de Cortinez, up from Central mercado near the Commercial Mexicana. About 10 minutes from downtown if their is not any traffic.

  4. Just got back from the movies at Ciniapolis in La Isla Diamante. There were all kinds of Mercedes, BMW's, and Cadillac's. Chilangos walking around with there Gucci's, Prada, La Costs shirts, stopping to get a $3000 peso meal,after dinner go shop to pick up another handbag, then head back to thier $14,000,000 peso vacation condos.
    Having no problem paying the $20,000 peso monthly maintenance bill.

    Mexico is fucked up.


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