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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Photo surfaces of murdered priest posing with weapon at dance

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

21 killed in so far in President Peña’s presidential term.
6 Killed in Guerrero in less than 3 years

As reported in my previous posts, two priests were among 3 killed in an armed attack in Guerrero.

The murdered priests are Germain Muñiz García, a native of Apango and parish priest of the church of San Cristóbal, in the mining town of Mezcala. And Iván Añorve Jaimes, from San Luis La Loma, municipality of Tecpan de Galeana and parish priest of the Sagrada Familia church in the town of Las Vigas, municipality of San Marcos, in the Costa Chica region.

The two priests and their four companions, attended a popular celebration in the town of Juliantla, municipality of Taxco, and were attacked directly after leaving the event when they were travelling on the federal highway Taxco-Iguala.
The victims were attending the celebration at the ranch "La Mision" of the rancher Hugo Figueroa in the celebrations of the Virgin of La Candelaria.

Although there have been press conferences by authorities and the church, there are facts that remain fuzzy, even the amount of those in the truck has fluctuated from 6 to 7.

Priests usually get killed In Mexico because they refuse to play nice with narcos.  In Tamaulipas, one priest was killed for not allowing a mass in his church, to honor niña blanca of the Santa Muerte.  Another was killed in Guerrero for refusing to baptize a capo’s baby.  His being a narco was not the reason, it was the lack of protocol that had not been met that witnesses say was the reason for the refusal.  Another priest was killed in Guerrero for his strong sermons against organized crime and violence.

So there is a story that has been published in some of the news outlets that I can’t quite grasp.  And it begins with a press conference by the governor Hector Astudillo and his state attorney general Xavier Olea.       

I must interject that many people dispute Astudillo claims including the diocese flat out rejects the governor’s account.  Normally, most people would reject what he has to say, taking into account the dynamic of Guerrero politics and the governing administration.  But there is this little issue of a blurry photograph with who the governor says is the dead priest named Germain Muñiz García.

For the sake of the story, let’s say the photo is the priest he is with some bad looking characters, all armed and the priest is  posing with a weapon.

Astudillo says the church group went to the festival and left around 7pm where they went to a house or a hotel and the priests had consumed alcohol and “had weapons”.  Obviously no one, the priests, the chemist, the fisherman, the professor had a weapon when they were gunned down.

The Catholic Bishop said the priests were to speak to the Figueroa’s about recording a record.  The two slain priests were musicians, who use music to preach in rural areas.  Fr. Muniz directed his famed choir and Fr. Anorve was a singer-songwriter from the Costa Chica region.

According to Olea, there were 3 organized crime groups at the festival.  He said police were not sent to keep the peace, “because we were not asked”.  He said because Father Muñiz García took a photo with the armed men.   He asserts that an organized crime group, in opposition to those in the photo with the priest, were incensed thinking the priest must be in their favor.  And that is what provoked the attack.  Enemy groups Guerreros Unidos and Los Rojos control the area. And various cells.

The four surviving witnesses, in addition to the diocese, reject Olea’s version that several opposing cartels attended the festival.  They point out if in fact there were multiple gangs/cartels there would have been an outbreak of violence between groups.  Witnesses also discount Olea’s version that the group of the priests had a confrontation with a gang.  The four surviving witnesses said everything was very peaceful and everyone enjoyed the day.. 

Could it be the priest was a bad guy in collusion?  Sure, rare in Mexico but not unheard of. Could it be that the governor has created theater to take the negative spotlight off him for the 6 Guerrero priests killed in 3 years? Sure again.  Could there be a scenario where the priest was goofing around and posed with a weapon? I could see that.  I have had friendships with priests and they are human, some are humorous, friendly, "people persons".  Priest are not forbidden from drinking alcohol.  Drinking to excess is off limits.

I don’t know the context for the photo but if these armed men were at the service of the organizer, perhaps someone asked him to pose and in bad judgement, he did.

There simply are not enough facts and evidence to say what happened and why.  We most likely will never know.  All I am sure of, they were gunned downed with 50 gunshots impacts to the truck.

And all those guns the Governor says the priest group were in possession of,  were nowhere in sight, all the victims and the truck were void of any weapons.


  1. Part of a priests job or responsibility is to not act like they are above anyone. This one priest posing with a weapon might have gotten a bit carried away with that responsibility however it was not a reason for him to be killed.
    Only envious people kill priests for the most part.

    1. Just cause someone's involve in church or part of it doesn't mean there innocent and Narco culture great at proving that it comes from every background even race is not a barrier or age and gender Mexico's drug trade can pull anyone from all walks of life and that's my personal opinion

    2. I'm from there. He was only trying for piece between factions .

  2. Dear Chivis, you are wrong again,
    the photo clearly shows that Lee Harvey Oswald lives!
    heheheee, had you for a second, amazing how astudillo and his state's attorney had the photo so ready..
    --i used to have a photo of donald trump going for bill clinton's "GUN" when they were friends and frequent fliers of Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express, they were laughing their arses off, these days they would like to bite each other's "GUN" off.

    1. I am trying hard to be fair. BUT the gro state gob has always been the most corrupt in all of mexico and fight off bad press with lies. remember the parents of #43 and other people begged the feds for help for two years because they said the state gob was in collusion.

      today the diocese demanded the state ask for a fed investigation and prove their false assertions with supporting evidence and facts.

      usually the church is quiet in these killings not saying much but this time the state went to far in their eyes by disparaging the memory of the priest by lies for their benefit. Gro is under tremendous scrutiny because of all the killings, being the murder capital, femicides of which 20 in one month and many were decapitated or dismembered. and corruption rampant with the state admin in collusion with narcos. joan Sebastian was the cousin of the former governor who was rumored to be connected to narco. some say GU bjut joan was connected to rojos...I think . please people weigh in.


    3. 1:36 I also scoffed at the idea multiple opposing gangs would be there without an incident of violence. would not happen.

  3. Don't know . A priest posing with a gun . A object to kill another human . Not a sporting gun but a man killer . I haven't any way of knowing if it was true or not but if it was him something was up with that priest . I would say that if he was posing with a naked woman he would probably be sexually active . If he was posing with a naked child he would for sure be a pervert . Posing with armed men brandishing a weapon ? At the very lease a very foolish person and at worst one of them . Was he killed because he refused to interact with them or because he was active with them ? I suppose that's the question everyone is asking .

  4. Mexican priest r on the take priest in the RGV r on the take. But not all but there r some bad apples in every relgion

  5. that pic could be of anyone even looks like my uncle Louis. how convenient it is so blurry, probably photo shopped to become that blurry. you right chivas I am suspect because of the guerrero corruption.

    I read a couple of article in msm and the church has blown a gasket over this.

  6. there is a story of bishop saying the photo with the gun is old but was him. other story bishop says that the truth is twisted in the reporting.
    you are right we will never know.

  7. Sad.. 21 killed in epn term? I know many priest wear bullet proof vests.

  8. Is that a beer bottle in his left hand? Looks like he's attempting to hide something behind his back.

  9. Lo de Ceasar es de Ceasar y lo de Dios es de Dios. Lo de Mencho es de Mencho.....

  10. Christianity, islam, judaism are all followers of the Abrahamic dragon of greed, corruption and antinature.

    Seriously whats the vision of judeochristianity? To turn nature into shopping malls and overpopulated suburbs. They destroyed the wise knowledge of several cultures like the ancient hellenics, mayans, etc.

  11. I am waiting for that week where I come on here and there are post saying nothing to report. I have my fingers crossed. Really sad this whole drug war thing can't just end. Good luck Mexico!

  12. Martyrs are abundant in Mexico.

  13. Was he a priest who became a bad guy or a bad guy that became a priest? Or neither? Peace.

  14. Even narcos crave absolution. And they need priests for that.

  15. Many might not know this,but Hugo Figueroa is related with Joan Sebastian. The day of this incident there was a Jaripeo (Mexican Rodeo) in his ranch "Rancho La Mision" where he has been doing these celebrations for quite some years now. I don't know if the preists had ties or anything like that and I haven't found any info on that on newspapers. Hugo Figueroa is very known in Mexico for his Jaripeo bulls and is having his second bullriding tour this year. I have heard by people that he isn't someone to mess around with and that is very powerful, but who knows.


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