Monday, February 5, 2018

Guerrero:Two priests and a professor murdered, two others injured, in armed group attack

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat from Sinebargo-Club de Periodistas de Guerrero A.C.
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Guerrero overflowing with bodies, no room at the morgue 

600 bodies in one morgue

Hours before Carlos Aguiar Retes  officially became the Archbishop of Mexico, two priests were cowardly assassinated.

Mexico continues to be the most dangerous place on earth for Priests. That said, I don’t recall an incident where two priests were attacked and killed together.

The event occurred today when six people (two priests, one teacher, one chemist, one fisherman and a woman, other reports say 2 women) were returning from a dance in the community of Juliantla.

The two priests and a professor were killed early Monday when they were traveling on the dangerous Iguala-Taxco federal highway in Guerrero.

According to the witness, the woman identified as Alba Iris "N", while they were traveling on the highway, a van blocked their way and an armed group descended from the vehicle opened fire,  and then fled.

The murdered priests;  Germaín Muñiz García who served in the Diocese of Chilpancingo-Chilapa and Iván Añorve Jaimes served in the Archdiocese of Acapulco [was also a singer-songwriter] were killed in the attack.

Father Muñiz García was taken alive to Adolfo Prieto General Hospital in Taxco. He died hours later while being treated.  Professor  Rogelio "N"  37, was also dead at the scene.

Meanwhile, the chemist Arveli "N" of 25 years lost the index finger of the right hand and the fisherman Óscar "N" of 27 had a bullet in the left wrist; Alba Iris was unharmed.

The violence is uncontrollable in Guerrero. Last November, the Semefo de Chilpancingo accumulated at least 600 bodies; the smell that emitted reached the surrounding areas, putting the health of the inhabitants and employees at risk. In the face of this crisis, Governor Hector Astudillo increased the number of refrigeration units for storage. However, the number of corpses has already exceeded that capacity.

Update: The six who were under attack

C. Alba Iris NN 24 years old, dance student and originally from Carrizalillo Municipality of Eduardo Neri, who was unharmed. 

1: Arveli NN of 25 years of age, chemist (who was with the loss of the index finger right side) with address in Apango, Municipality of Mártir de Cuilapan, transferred to the General Hospital "Adolfo Prieto" of Taxco de Alarcón.

2: Óscar NN of 27 years of age, of fisherman occupation (minor wound on the left wrist), originally from the Ramadita, Municipality of San Marcos, transferred to the General Hospital "Adolfo Prieto" of Taxco de Alarcón.

3: Rogelio NN, 49 years old, priest, from the community of Mezcala, Municipality of Eduardo Neri, transferred to the General Hospital "Adolfo Prieto" of Taxco, reported as a serious health.

4: Germán NN, 39 years old, priest, originally from Apango, Municipality of Mártir de Cuilapan (he lost his life in at the dcene).

5: Iván NN, 37 years old, professor, originally from the Port of Acapulco (he lost his life at the scene).

Total 6, (2 deceased, 3 injured and 1 unhurt).