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Monday, February 19, 2018

Mexican Children’s Drug and Alcohol Consumption Up %200

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior

      Mondragón and Kalb: Consumption of drugs and alcohol in children increased up to 200%.
Mexico City Feb 19, 2018

The Commissioner Against Addictions indicated that if these are not taken care of in time they will lead to / cause serious consequences , physical damages, scholastic desertion, teen pregnancy, familiar violence and even the death.

The National Commissioner Against Addictions, Manuel Mondragón and Kalb, indicated that in recent years the consumption of drugs and alcohol among minors increased to 200%, mainly in the case of girls .

"I must say with regret that, both in drugs and alcohol, the difference was six men for a woman and today the numbers  are tied to  minors. That is to say, the consumption of men increased by 50% or 60% in recent years and the consumption of women by 200%, ", the National Commissioner  explained.

Faced with dealing directly with young people from middle school and the private high school Justo Sierra Institute, Mondragón and Kalb has first hand experience.

Within the framework of the Signing of the Collaboration Agreement between the National Commission Against Addictions (CONADIC) and the National Association of Private High Schools Incorporated to the Secretariat of Public Education (ANEPPI), he affirmed that in view of the increase in the consumption of drugs in minors  they are taking preventive actions and guidance for healthy growth .

For its part, the president of the aforementioned association, Graciela Meza Díaz, mentioned that addictions are the number one cause of school desertion and the cause of family conflicts.

Therefore, he called on young people to avoid their approach to any type of drug , he said, using drugs lead to and prevent the generation of hormones, which causes deficiencies in learning and lack of interest in the study.

The signing of the agreement was attended by the academic members of ANEPPI, Margarita Sancén Hernández; the technical director of the Technological Baccalaureate of the Justo Sierra Institute, Martha Huerta Olea; the vice-president of ANEPPI, Gabriel García de Alba and the regional delegate of the Southern Zone of ANEPPI, Miguel Ángel Vázquez González.


  1. Its the fault of the UNITED STATES . 2 key things playing here . 1 is the appetite the gringos have for drugs . They caused the Mexicans to step up production . Then the made it harder to get into the U S . Kind of created a levy and now the drugs are pooling in Mexico .

  2. Oh so is not only in the usa? I thought only the usa consume drugs

  3. eso les pasa por pensar ke es un problema que nomas los gringos tienen...

  4. This is going to be a huge learning curve for Mexico.North of the border has experience with this.They won't see any of this coming for awhile yet.I mean school dropouts,deaths,thefts in a person that used to be honest,infidelities for drugs,personality changes,violence,marriage breakups,bankruptcies,etc.etc.The social problems are a huge side effect of drug use which the Mexicans are about to find out.

  5. Bachelorship tech, prepares students to become bachelors to go to higher learning institutes, they don't become baccalaureates until they excell in their chosen professions, the idea of engaging with the "private schools" is because their juniors have the money to buy drugs and have become targets of the grameros, but let's check on manuel mondragon Y Kalb, "El karateca" that once trained El Negro, arturo durazo moreno, when he became a contralmirante "specialized in sudden assault" for the Mexican navy, then he was SSP of Mexico city for Marcel Ebrard chief of government for Mexico city while the states attorney was Miguel Angel Mancera, new chief of governance, these days... when Genarco Garcia Luna and his compadre Luis Cardenas Palomino were kidnapping everybody for ransom and murdering quite a few even after they got paid and nobody caught any criminals other than what they fabricated...
    --then manuelito would questions see La chaquetea con pro karate mental became EPN's SSP but did not last much...because daddy did not pass real general manuel mondragon's genes, he modified the mondragon automatic rifle M1908 the Nazis used on the WWII and invented a 750 Howitzer, his mistake was murdering Francisco I Madero, his brother gustavo, the vice president and senator belisario Dominguez in cahoots with "la cucaracha" usurper traitor Victoriano Huerta in cahoots with US Ambassador Henry Lane Wilson a drunk mariguano like Victoriano who would not push for the life of condemned president Madero because that was a "Mexican thing"
    The mondragon Y Kalb family is corrupt again since manuelito started working with the federal government using his abilities to train Mexican criminals in the police and the army, sure graduated from the School of Las Americas of Klaus Barbie

  6. I am lucky so farther my is sober

  7. The country is going in the right direction. More prisons. More drug addicts. Thanks to all the people that got hooked in the United States. Then got deported.

    1. 5:25 how do you deport American Citizens?
      That is what makes up most drug addicts living in the US.
      --Feel free to "FACT CHECK", mister crisis acting class clown

  8. Interesting article B.B.
    However, there are more serious concerns associated with addiction that are not mentioned. Crime and violence which go hand in hand with addiction.
    Questions to be asked is why the spike of addiction among women? Mental health issues such as depression, lack of self worth, and domestic violence within their environmental surroundings.
    It’s well noted that most who consume alcohol / drugs live within social structures of hardships.

    Just pointing out facts!

    1. Women's depression is as essential as frijoles and tortillas and a colorete, but these days drugs are pushed in rich people's high schools because they have more money...
      That has been the problem on the US for the longest time, compound by scholarships for people who can and do jump and interscholar games, intramurals, and other championships, also give economic public schools a bad name which helps privatizing their budget, the final winning point in the class warfare.
      --In Mexico it took a while for them to catch up,
      on the US it is "norml" now...even prisons are getting "privatized with dirty deals for all" but the students.

    2. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a hobby of the poor, but many rich people are into the designers' poisons too.
      let's not blame poverty or the hardships poor people are supplied with help of legislation and dirty tricks trickling down like BS from above.

  9. This means they caught a group of rich school girls smoking pot in some private catholic nun school.

    1. @ 11:35 Surely you are joking.

      Check out Canadiana’s comment @10:42 and Anon @1:27
      And thank you both for your comments.


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